EXO’s Suho, Hong Ye Ji, more step into their complex characters at script reading for Missing Crown Prince; Watch

Missing Crown Prince starring EXO’s Suho, Hong Ye Ji, Kim Min Kyu and more shared its script reading session on April 8th. Watch below!

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Missing Crown Prince (Image Credits- MBN)
Missing Crown Prince (Image Credits- MBN)
Key Highlight
  • Missing Crown Prince released their script reading session’s video
  • The series will premiere on April 13 at 9:40 PM KST

Anticipation is at its peak, as just a few days remain until the premiere of Missing Crown Prince. MBN's latest offering transports viewers to the Joseon era with a delightful romantic comedy premise: a crown prince, abducted by the very woman destined to be his wife, embarks on a whirlwind adventure. As they run for their lives, avoiding danger, an unexpected romance unfolds between them. This captivating drama serves as a spin-off of Bossam: Steal the Fate, which previously shattered viewership records, solidifying its place in MBN's history.

Script reading for Missing Crown Prince

As the entire cast assembled for script reading, a complex hidden narrative began to emerge beneath the surface of the romantic comedy genre. EXO’s Suho takes the lead role as Lee Geon, the crown prince whose world is turned upside down when he is unexpectedly abducted by Choi Myung Yoon, portrayed by Hong Ye Ji. In a compelling twist revealed in the video footage, Lee Geon's fate becomes a source of curiosity as he is instructed to sacrifice himself for the greater good of all.


Simultaneously, Lee Geon shares a close bond with his half-brother, Prince Dosung, portrayed by Kim Min Kyu. Despite their differing backgrounds, their relationship is strong. However, the fate of their bond is called into question when Prince Dosung's mother presents him with a challenging ultimatum: "Do you choose me or your half-brother?"


Hong Ye Ji provided a glimpse into her character, Choi Myung Yoon, the esteemed daughter of royal physician Choi Sang Rok and a notable heroine of the Joseon era. As the one responsible for kidnapping Lee Geon, she is portrayed as deeply troubled by the looming possibility of his death, prompting her to brainstorm strategies to prevent such a tragedy. Amidst this, it appears that she begins to unravel a hidden truth concealed by her father, who would go to great lengths to protect his daughter. The passionate performances showcased by the cast during the script reading serve to heighten anticipation for the versatile portrayal of their complex characters in Missing Crown Prince.

Watch the script read below-

More about Missing Crown Prince

In Missing Crown Prince, EXO’s Suho portrays Lee Geon, a crown prince whose unconventional nature contrasts with his captivating appearance. Despite his indecisiveness, which sometimes worries his subordinates, he surprises others with his adaptability, charisma, and playful wit. These qualities enable him to effortlessly navigate various situations and win people over.

The production team of Missing Crown Prince revealed that despite it being Suho and Hong Ye Ji’s first time acting together, they immediately captured the attention on set with their flawless portrayal of Lee Geon and Choi Myung Yoon. Suho and Hong Ye Ji are set to bring a fresh charm to the screen with their engaging chemistry and gripping tension. They eagerly urged fans to anticipate the upcoming historical rom-com series. Missing Crown Prince is all set to premiere on April 13 at 9:40 PM KST.

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