Cardi B Admits Facing Marital Challenges With Offset; Says 'We're From Two Different Worlds'

Cardi B opens up about the dynamics and challenges of her relationship with her husband, Offset, with whom she had a turbulent relationship. The couple met in 2017 and share two children together.

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Cardi B and Offset  ( Instagram/iamcardib)
Cardi B and Offset ( Instagram/iamcardib)
Key Highlight
  • Cardi B recently opened up about her relationship dynamics and challenges with husband Offset
  • According to recent reports the couple seems to be back on good terms after a brief split
  • Cardi B shared the couple still deeply love each other despite all the hurdles they faced together

Rapper Cardi B spilled some beans about her relationship dynamics with former Migos rapper Offset. In a new cover story for Rolling Stone, the superstar spoke candidly about the ups and downs of her relationship with her partner Offset. As a celebrity couple, the duo has been under the public eye for their turbulent relationship trajectory, which has been marked by infidelity, a series of breakups, and bitter public spats.

The two have been married for nearly seven years now. But despite claims of a split made in December and telling fans, “I’ve been single for a minute now,” Cardi shared a new update with the outlet, saying the two are “all right now.”

Cardi B talks about her relationship dynamics with Offset 

Cardi B recently opened up about her relationship dynamics and challenges with Offset, talking about the deeper support and friendship they share. "The part I love is that we really like each other, like a support system," she explained, hinting at how they are each other's biggest cheerleaders.

Despite her on-and-off fights and disagreements, she appreciates how Offset steps in to communicate on her behalf. Talking about the challenges they face, Cardi B admitted, "We have our own bad stuff. We’re from two different worlds." She  admitted that her demanding career often takes a toll on her personal life, saying, "My career comes first, then my kids come second, and then sometimes I don’t realize that I’m putting so many things before my relationship."


Cardi further noted that there were times when her relationship took a back seat to her work and family, and as a result, she failed to take a break. She also said that Offset kept telling her to take a vacation together, but it was difficult for her as work was her first priority, followed by her children. Therefore, she often felt guilty, saying that she prioritized her relationship the least. However, she said that they had a lot of love for each other, even after everything that happened.





Are Cardi B and Offset back together? 

It seems like they are! According to sources, the two are said to be back on good terms again following their split. In fact, they were seen together attending a Met Gala afterparty in New York City on May 6, as well as at a couple of other events. Sources also claim that Offset gifted Cardi B  three diamond chains and showered her with flowers for Mother’s Day.


The couple first began dating in 2017, shortly after they collaborated on their song Lick from the former’s Gangsta Bitch Music, Vol. 2 mixtape, after which, months later, on June 25, 2018, Cardi confirmed their marriage news. The couple are parents to two children, their daughter Kulture Kari and Wave Set, who were born in 2021. 

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