Did Reacher Star Alan Ritchson Blow His Audition For MCU's Thor? Actor Gets Candid

Alan Ritchson opened up about not being serious during the audition for MCU’s Thor. He revealed that he thought just looking like the character would be enough.

Published on Feb 28, 2024  |  08:51 PM IST |  50.3K
Alan Ritchson via IMDB

Alan Ritchson shared that he blew his audition for the MCU's Thor. During the conversation with Men's Health, Ritchson revealed that success did come to him, but it wasn't an easy process as he wasn't serious about the auditions in his initial days in the industry.

The Reacher actor also disclosed that he took the craft of acting rather seriously after losing the role of God of Thunder to Chris Hemsworth. 

Why Was Alan Ritchson Denied The Role Of Thor?

Ritchson, in an interview with an entertainment portal, said, "I just sort of expected that there would be a cornucopia of comedies for me to choose from." He further added of his 2011 Thor audition, "I didn't take it seriously. I was like, 'They'll throw me the part if I look like the guy; nobody really cares about acting."

To his dismay, his management team shared that the actor was almost selected for the part but had to let him go due to a lack of acting skills. His seriousness towards acting initially got some small roles in the sitcoms New Girl and Brooklyn Nine Nine. The Aquaman star landed his first breakthrough with the part of Thad Castle in the series Blue Mountain Slate. Later on, he went on to get the lead role in Reacher. 


The actor shared that he felt success when he was offered 50 roles after the first season of Reacher. "I had about 50 offers the weekend after Season 1 of Reacher opened," said Alan. He added, "I knew my life had changed."


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Alan Ritchson On Prioritizing Mental Health

Alan Ritchson opened up about prioritizing mental health along with maintaining his physique. The Titans star disclosed that he was diagnosed with bipolar disorder at the age of 36. He went on to see a psychiatrist and tried opening up to his wife to monitor the symptoms.

He revealed, "Symptoms are usually somewhat mild—and sometimes even humorous—when I'm at home." He explained it through an example such as, "I gotta find a perfectly white pair of shoes that look like tennis shoes but aren't. Then, three days later, eight pairs of shoes show up that are all identical."

On the work front, Alan will be seen in season 3 of Reacher and play a lead role in an action-drama, The Ministry of Ungentlemanly Warfare.


Disclaimer: If you know someone who is having suicidal thoughts, anxiety, going through depression, or is suffering from a serious mental illness, reach out to a nearby doctor, mental health expert, or an NGO for immediate help.​ There are several helplines available for the same.


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What do people ask about Alan Ritchson?

Did Alan Ritchson audition for Thor?
Yes. Alan Ritchson auditioned for Thor.

Does Alan Ritchson have a wife?
Alan Ritchson is married to Catherine Ritchson.

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