Gladiator 2: Paul Mescal & Pedro Pascal Stun In The First Look Of The Movie

Over 20 years after the success of the Oscar-winning film Gladiator, Ridley Scott is finally back with its sequel which is “more extraordinary” than the first. Details from the first trailer are here!

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Gladiator 2: Paul Mescal & Pedro Pascal Bring Bloodshed
Gladiator (2000) [Photo Credits- IMDb]

Paramount Pictures ended CinemaCon 2024 on a bloody note as it unveiled the first trailer of the upcoming Gladiator II at Caesars Palace Casino in Las Vegas. Over two decades after the success of Gladiator, Ridley Scott is finally back with its sequel. 

After the lead characters of the first film– Russell Crowe and Joaquin Phoenix– were killed off, one of the most-awaited sequels of the year, Gladiator II stars Paul Mescal and Pedro Pascal as the main characters. Reportedly, the vast sprawl and jaw-dropping action sequences of the original film are recaptured in the sequel, as per Scott’s footage that he brought to Sin City to show theater owners.

A Look At The First Trailer Of Gladiator II

In the extended trailer shown at CinemaCon 2024, Mescal’s Lucius enters the arena as a noble man who has given up his privilege and ends up in a life-and-death conflict for the enjoyment of the Roman people. In an epic face-off, he is up against gladiator Pascal, a pack of ferocious baboons, and a charging rhino, among other challenges to his toned body. Besides plenty of political intrigue and naval bombardments, there were two evil emperors who seemed even more insane than Phoenix's insane king from Gladiator.


Pedro Pascal in Gladiator II Teaser [Photo Credits- YouTube]

Mescal plays Lucius, a young slave who views Crowe's Maximus as a hero and grows to become a champion. Connie Nielsen returns as Lucila, Lucius’s mother while Joseph Quinn and Fred Hechinger debut as co-emperor Caracalla and Geta. 

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“It is possibly even more extraordinary than the first. (It) is well worth the wait,” said Scott in a video message. The film is set to hit theaters on November 22, 2024.

“What you’re going to see…is emotion, action, and spectacle on a scale unlike anything else in theaters this year,” said  Denzel Washington, who is playing a mysterious character and is seen dispensing advice to Mescal’s character in the trailer. "Rome must fall. I need only to give it a push," says Washington’s character in a scene.

About the first film Gladiator

Directed by Scott, the Oscar-winning film is inspired by the 1958 Daniel P. Mannix novel Those About to Die. It became one of the highest-grossing films of the year grossing over $465 million worldwide.

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