Grey's Anatomy Stars' Camilla Luddington and Jessica Capshaw to Star a New Podcast Together; Says 'We Are Naturally Blunt'

Popular American drama series Grey’s Anatomy stars Camilla Luddington and Jessica Capshaw are all set to star in a new podcast together. They say they are naturally blunt. The deets are inside.

Published on Jun 05, 2024  |  04:04 PM IST |  40.3K
Camilla Luddington and Jessica Capshaw (Official Instagram Handles)
Camilla Luddington and Jessica Capshaw (Official Instagram Handles)

Grey’s Anatomy stars Jessica Capshaw and Camilla Luddington are ready to give unfiltered advice on their new podcast. 

The Grey's Anatomy co-stars, who are also best friends in real life, revealed to PEOPLE that they won't sugarcoat their advice on iHeartPodcast's Call It What It Is," premiering on June 3.

"Firstly, as a Sagittarius, I'm naturally outspoken," says Luddington, 40. "But Jessica and I believe in advising with love. We'll share our honest opinions and advice without mincing words."

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Grey’s Anatomy actresses embrace honest approach in new podcasts; call it what it is 

The actresses agree that their new podcast is fittingly named. "We'll call it like we see it," says Luddington, while Capshaw, 47, adds, "We won't sugarcoat it. It's just who I am."

Luddington acknowledges Jessica Capshaw's straightforward nature, saying, “You naturally don't sugarcoat things."

American actress Jessica Capshaw, who returned as Arizona Robbins for one episode in Grey’s Anatomy's 20th season, expresses her excitement about engaging with listeners. They're encouraged to seek advice via Instagram DM, email, or voicemail.

"I believe many feel isolated when facing problems, and this podcast might provide solace," she shares. "It's not monumental, but people struggle with these issues across all age groups. It's a topic discussed by the surgeon general, friends, and neighbours."


"Even though it's virtual, it doesn't feel that way," she adds. "We've already spoken with some callers, and it feels like a genuine connection. We want each caller to feel seen, heard, and valued."

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Luddington and Capshaw: We are on your team, says Grey’s Anatomy star 

"We're on your side," says Luddington, known for her role as Jo Wilson on Grey’s Anatomy. "We want you to feel supported. Just like Jessica and I, there's nothing I couldn't talk to her about without feeling judged. That's the power of friendship, and we want to offer that to our listeners."

Besides giving advice, fans can definitely anticipate the co-hosts inviting their Grey’s Anatomy co-stars, says Luddington. "They're like family, so we're thrilled to have them join us," she adds.


Regarding their dream guests, Luddington hopes Jennifer Coolidge will visit. "She'd bring so much fun. Plus, I'm a huge fan," she shares.

Jessica Capshaw extends an invitation to Taylor Swift and her mother, Andrea, saying, "I'd love to have the mother-daughter duo. Andrea has clearly influenced Taylor's life, so it would be fascinating to hear them discuss that."

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