Greys Anatomy Season 20 Finale: From Surprise Pregnancy To Richard's Retirement; A Recap Of The Biggest Moments

From a surprise pregnancy to a near kiss and Dr. Richard Webber set to retire, here’s a full recap of the best moments from the Season 20 finale.

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Spoiler Alert: This article contains spoilers about the Grey’s Anatomy Season 20 finale

Grey's Anatomy concluded its 20th season with an intense dose of drama. The season finale, titled Burn It Down, aired on Thursday, May 30, leaving fans amazed by its eventful storyline. Even now, viewers are still reminiscing about the thrilling moments that unfolded.

Despite having only 10 episodes, this season managed to deliver an abundance of thrilling drama that left fans satisfied. With unexpected pregnancies, almost kisses, and the impending retirement of Dr. Richard Webber, the Season 20 finale was packed with unforgettable moments. Let's take a closer look at the highlights from this incredible season.

Joe’s surprise pregnancy 

In the season finale, Camilla Luddington's character Joe Wilson unexpectedly passed out at the hospital, unaware of her pregnancy. Although the test results showed she was in good health, it was revealed that Joe was indeed pregnant, much to the annoyance of Dr. Levi Schmitt, played by Jake Borelli, as she had kept this information from him.

Notably, Joe herself was shocked upon hearing the news and exclaimed, “I’m what?”

The collapse follows a prior pregnancy scare in the season which Joe thought to be a false alarm. Her boyfriend, Atticus ‘Link’ Lincoln played by Chris Cormack, had conveyed his concerns about not being ready to start a family yet. Hence, Joe had kept the news hidden. 


Mika and Jule almost share a kiss

Midori Francis’ Dr. Mika Yasuda got emotional after one of her patients could not make it. Adelaide Kane’s Dr. Jules Millin informs her but cannot stand her tearing up. She tries to console her friend and affectionately rests her forehead on Mika’s which sends off electric vibes to the viewers as they almost lean in for a kiss!

If Dr. Benson ‘Blue’ Kwan played by Harry Shum Jr. hadn’t barged into the scene, fans would have gotten an unexpected kiss to crush over. Maybe we will get one in Season 21? 

Meredith finds her way around with the Alzheimer’s research

Dr. Catherine Fox (Debbie Allen) fires Kim Raver’s Dr. Teddy Altman for dishonestly funding Meredith Grey’s (Ellen Pompeo) Alzheimer’s secret research. Catherine is furious at Grey and Caterina Scorsone’s Amelia Shepherd for using her money and conducting the research behind her back and threatens to end their careers. 


Grey apologizes but Catherine snatches the project from her and demands to turn over all of her work to Greg Germann’s Dr. Tom Koracick while letting them keep their jobs. “You said yourself, Fox resources funded all the research. That means it all belongs to the Fox Foundation so hand it over by end of day,” she says. 

But Meredith is one tough nut to crack and allows the National Institute of Health to publish her research; she hands her resignation from Grey Sloan Memorial. Catherine scoffs at Meredith saying she resembles her mother. “Great, that means I’ll win,” Grey quips before walking out. Outside, her boyfriend Nick March played by Scott Speedman surprises her and lauds her bravery. 

Dr. Richard Webber contemplates retirement

During a conversation about Alzheimer’s research with Meredith, James Pickens Jr.’s Richard confesses thinking about his retirement. He speculates that his “time might up.” “This time feels different. It feels like I need to think about putting the scalpel down,” he says. However, the underlying fear of losing his identity with his retirement looms deep inside.


More so, Webber’s last operation turns out to be a failure. Anthony Hill’s Dr. Winston Ndugu blames Yasuda and Millin for it but Richard feels otherwise as he contemplates his retirement as a surgeon. 

Teddy saves a firefighter

Chandra Wilson’s Dr. Miranda Bailey is thrust into a critical situation after her firefighter husband, Jason George’s Ben Warren brings along an injured colleague, Theo Ruiz by Carlos Miranda, who got crushed by a tree branch amid the Seattle wildfire. 

Kim Raven’s Teddy is tasked with Theo’s life as the only surgeon present at the scene. Even though she’s left Grey Sloan, she must conduct the surgery and save Theo. 

Lucas gets the support from his fellows

Niko Terho’s Dr. Lucas Adams is joined by several of his fellow interns to stand against Catherine who is already agitated by Meredith’s secret research. She would be announcing if Lucas would have to repeat another year of training while his job at the Chicago Heart Institute is at stake. 

All the interns team up threatening to quit if Lucas had to lose his job offer over Catherine’s whims. While Catherine doesn’t seem to take it seriously, Dr. Bailey joins in on the uproar. “What about me? Can you replace me?” she says. 


All episodes of Grey’s Anatomy Season 20 are now available to stream on Hulu. 

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