‘Our Wives Are Very Close': Jon Bon Jovi Opens Up About His Friendship With Paul McCartney

Jon Bon Jovi discusses his close friendship with the Beatles star Paul McCartney, as he revealed the strong bond shared between their wives.

Published on May 25, 2024  |  11:02 PM IST |  75K
Jon Bon Jovi Reveals He Shares Close Friendship With Paul McCartney
Jon Bon Jovi and Paul McCartney (PC: Getty Images and Instagram/paulmccartney)

Jon Bon Jovi recently opened up about the deep bond and friendship he shares with the Beatles star Paul McCartney. In his recent interview, Jovi revealed that he and McCartney spend quality time together quite often, and even their wives have grown close to each other. Jovi expressed his surreal feelings of spending time with a member of the Beatle, as he talked about his summer time with Paul. 

Jon Bon Jovi and Paul McCartney spent their summer together

Jovi is already known for his long-standing friendship with Bruce Springsteen, who is a true mentor to him. However, his recent revelations on AARP shocked many as the Bon Jovi frontman addressed his enduring friendship with one of the Beatles' frontmen, Paul McCartney. 

Jovi opened up about how he had spent all his summer in the company of McCartney as the duo frequently paid visits to each other’s houses. The singer also revealed that his wife, Dorothea Hurley, and McCartney’s wife, Nancy Shevel, are close friends with each other. Additionally, Jovi shared his surreal feelings of being friends with a Beatles member. 

“We do this all summer. I’m sitting there with a f**ing Beatle. He comes to my house often, I go to his beach house often, and our wives are very close,” Jovi stated. Further, Jovi revealed his favorite part about McCartney is his deep passion for music and creation which continues to sparkle even in his 80s. “ ‘Oh, I’ve got new stuff!’ he tells me. At 81. Crazy,” Jovi shared as he imitated McCartney’s kiddish Liverpool accent. 


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Jon Bon Jovi (PC: Instagram)

Jon Bon Jovi shared that his songwriting has matured with his aging 

Jovi had his fair share of struggles in his rockstar career, his recent comeback with his band received criticism for his changing voice. However, amid these challenges, there is still one thing that plays in favor of the singer as he grows old. Jovi opened up about how he feels that his songwriting has deepened with his increasing age. 

The Bon Jovi frontman remarked that he has had a plethora of personal experiences, thanks to his 62 years of age, to draw inspiration and write new songs. He shared, “I have a grander palette to write from. More life experience. I think that every record reflects somehow who I am at that time.”

It seems like Jovi is going to follow McCartney in writing songs during their old ages as the former finds more flare in songwriting these days. Fans can surely expect Jovi’s upcoming songs to be impressive, as he reflects on his personal experiences for inspiration. 


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What happened to Jon Bon Jovi?
Jon Bon Jovi had a procedure in 2022 because one of his vocal cords was atrophying, with one being much thicker than the other.

Is Bon Jovi still married?
Yes, Bon Jovi has been married to Dorothea Hurley for over four decades. They met in high school in 1980 and married in 1989.

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