What Is Paul McCartney’s Net Worth? All About The Beatles Vocalist’s Career Highlights and Wealth

The Beatles have been ruling our hearts for years but did you know its lead singer Paul McCartney’s Net Worth? Here is everything about the legend, from career highlights to real estate.

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What is Paul McCartney's net worth?
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Being a member of The Beatles feels unreal, however, Sir Paul McCartney is the one who was with the band from the beginning. Recalling the legendary act and its tracks does really make us think of Paul McCartney’s net worth. 

If you are in for an epic tour, keep on reading and explore the details of a great personality who gave a push to the music industry.

What is Paul McCartney’s net worth?

Sir Paul McCartney is a British musician, who rose to fame through his legendary act and the famous rock band The Beatles. Talking about his worth, Sir Paul McCartney's net worth is $1.2 billion.

This easily makes him the wealthiest musician in the world. Talking about the numbers, if you are thinking how old is Paul McCartney? He is 82 years old. 

While he has been idolized for his time and contribution to The Beatles, he has also been appreciated for his solo presence and tracks. Along with being a member of the aforementioned act, he is also the founder of Wings. 

The music maestro first rose to fame in the 1960s, with The Beatles, where he has contributed to 12 studio albums, 13 EPs, and 22 singles. His one of the most famous songs, Yesterday has been covered by more than 2,200 artists till now.

Early Life of Paul McCartney


Born as James Paul McCartney on June 18, 1942, the artist comes from a musical background. His father James aka Jim was a trumpet player as well as a pianist. His mother, Mary passed away due to brain embolism when the star was only 14 years old. 

While we talk about Paul McCartney's net worth it is crucial to discuss the upbringing of the musician. Paul was always encouraged to practice his skills on the upright piano that the family had. McCartney wrote his first song called I Lost My Little Girl when he was 14.

Paul McCartney's journey with The Beatles 

Paul McCartney’s net worth comes from his history with The Beatles. He first met John Lennon and the Quarrymen, when he was 15 and later became the rhythm guitarist of the band. In the 1960s the band was renamed to The Beatles and included members George Harrison, and Pete Best, alongside McCartney and Lennon. 


The Beatles become famous in early 1964 with chartbuster tracks covering both the US and the UK markets. 

McCartney had co-wrote the early hits such as Love Me Do and more with John Lennon. 

Even today they are the most loved band of all time, by all the generations, selling over 600 million units worldwide. The band also holds a record for the most #1 albums on the UK Albums Chart. 

In the year 1988, The Beatles was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and has appeared in five motion pictures. 

Queen Elizabeth II appointed the band and Paul McCartney of the Order of the British Empire, in the year 1965. After releasing the famous Abbey Road album in 1969, the band started to fall out following business disagreements.

The following year saw McCartney’s departure from the act.

Solo Career and Wings

After parting ways with The Beatles in 1970, Paul McCartney set foot on his solo career releasing McCartney which went on to become a #1 album in the U.S. He then became a founding member of Wings. The band was founded in 1971. 


Linda McCartney, his wife was the keyboardist of the act. Talking about his solo act, McCartney has been touring since 1989 alone and has garnered more success when compared to other members of The Beatles. 

McCartney has released 26 studio albums till now along with five classical music albums since he departed from the legendary act.

Losing the Beatles Catalog

In 1963, the manager of The Beatles Brian Epstein had informed both Paul McCartney and John Lennon that the two members needed to form a company that would help them hold and protect their publishing rights. 

However, when they came up with the company Northern Songs the corporate structure divided into the members became Dick James (publisher partner) 50%, Brian Epstein 10%, John Lennon 20%, and Paul McCartney 20%

After Dick James sold Northern Songs to a company called ATV Music Publishing for $2.5 million Lennon and McCartney were entitled to 25 cents for every dollar that the new company earned. The artists were also obligated to come up with six new songs for the company.  Although all of this has not affected Paul McCartney’s net worth.

Regaining The Beatles Rights

As per UK Law, an artist can regain the rights 56 years after a copyright was registered. This means that the songs written in the 1960s would come back to Lennon and McCartney by 2018. However to avoid legal troubles the heirs of McCartney and Lennon settled with Sony ATV in June 2017. 



Musical Style of Paul McCartney

Paul McCartney had been influenced by American rhythm and blues. His idol has been Little Richard through his young days. Paul McCartney is a self-taught musician, mastering many instruments such as bass, acoustic as well as electric guitar, piano, and drums.

Touring Earnings of Paul McCartney

Another thing that boosts Paul McCartney’s net worth is his earnings from the tours. From 2015 to 16, he earned $4 million PER CITY during his tour. His sets are usually three hours long. In 2002 his tour earned $126 million, followed by $93 million in 2010. 


Personal Life of Paul McCartney

Paul McCartney had married an animal rights activist and photographer Linda Eastman, with whom he has four children. The two remained married until Linda died from breast cancer in 1998. He then married Heather Mills in 2002 and had a daughter. 

However, the couple got divorced in 2008. In 2011 the artist then married Nancy Shevell. He has been a vegetarian since 1975 and has been a voice of political and social activism. 

Relationship with John Lennon

For those unversed, Paul McCartney and John Lennon had a strained relationship, even when they were bandmates and working on songs together. As per McCartney, his last phone call with Lennon was friendly.


However, McCartney was widely criticized by the media after John Lennon’s murder, which happened on December 8, 1980. 

Telling his side, McCartney stated that when he found out about Lennon’s murder, he cried almost all of the evening.

Real Estate of Paul McCartney

Paul McCartney’s net worth can be reflected through his properties, around the globe that are worth at least $100 million.

In 1984, the artist bought a townhouse in New York City for $1.88 million. Moving forward in 2001 he bought Courtney Love's Beverly Hills mansion. The property was bought for $4 million. 

In 2015 he and his wife Nancy bought a Manhattan penthouse for $15.5 million. With all of that McCartney also owns half a dozen properties in the UK. 

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Who was the richest Beatles member?
Sir Paul McCartney is worth about 1.2 billion dollars, making him the richest Beatles member.

Is Paul McCartney a billionaire?
With a strong net worth and earning from touring Sir Paul McCartney is a billionaire.

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