‘Would Really Love To Support My Kids’: Drew Barrymore Shares Thoughts On Her Children Joining Showbiz

The Never Been Kissed actress shares two daughters with her ex-husband and has kept them out of the spotlight.

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Drew Barrymore Is Ready To Support Her Kids Choice Of Careers
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Drew Barrymore is a talk show presenter, actor, and producer, but she isn’t ready to say yes just yet. Her children, Frankie, 10, and Olive, 11, occasionally beg to follow in her footsteps in Hollywood. Barrymore was raised by performers as her father, grandfather, great-grandparents, great-aunt, and uncle. She landed her first commercial at the age of 11 months. At six, she was cast in E.T. she went on to star in Firestarter and Irreconcilable Differences. 

Drew Barrymore

Drew Barrymore doesn’t hate the show business

“I recall people asking me, ‘Well, would you want your kids to go into the business?’ when I first had children. And it always made me feel so depressed, like this industry was so poisonous, like, ‘Ew,’” recalls Drew Barrymore Show host. And I suddenly realized that’s not at all how I feel about this industry. It has given me every opportunity imaginable, and I am so grateful for my life.”

She may adore show business, but that doesn’t mean she’s endorsing her girls for it. “My children frequently ask me if they can appear in a movie, on social media, or in any other capacity. “School plays, theatre camp, everything [yes],” is how I always put it.”


Drew Barrymore

However, being in the spotlight, [no] till... And they ask, “Well, what’s the number?” after that. And I always reply, “It’s going to be a feeling, but I know you want an answer, and I know it’s not satisfying that I can’t give it to you that specifically. It will happen when I believe you are prepared.” 


Barrymore will be their biggest supporter when that day arrives. “As a parent, I would genuinely like to help my children in their latter years. Once more, what is that number? It’s not 13, and it’s probably not 14, I’m not sure. It’s up there, but your child will show you that you must trust them, listen to them, and provide support. And although I’m not sure what number that is, it’s probably higher than 14 or 15.”

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Drew wants her daughters to make their own choices

It makes sense that her daughters would be interested in the family company. “Something about being a part of my dad’s family has been such a cosmic, spiritual, magnetic pull,” Barrymore stated to PEOPLE in 2022 when asked how she felt pulled to this vocation. “I feel so compelled to do what they do.”

In an interview with PEOPLE last month, Barrymore revealed that she has been having open discussions with her girls and that she is putting the word “honesty” above everything else. “I talk about honesty all the time. We’re going to make it through if that’s the truth,” she said. She said she makes an effort to teach her girls to “ask yourself, without feeling like any judgment or blame is coming at you, at your part in something.” 

Drew Barrymore

She continued, “I honestly discuss that with them and tell them how difficult I know it is. I genuinely believe that we have the power to manage only ourselves, not other people or the outside world. Therefore, by exploring ourselves, we may discover what we can accomplish for ourselves and what lessons we can learn.”

“I encourage them to ask, ‘What is your part in something, and how can we be honest and brave to tell the truth?’” Barrymore went on. Because I don’t want kids to worry that they’ll get into problems if they tell the truth. I believe it will free us up to find the best course for solving any issues.”

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