What is Lovely Runner's group chat name? Song Geon Hee reveals hilarious initiative which shocked all actors

Lovely Runner star Song Geon Hee shares that he created a fun group chat with cast members. He also shares how he considered taking a break from acting but his Lovely Runner role Kim Tae Sung changed his mind.

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Song Geon Hee (Image Credits- tvN)
Song Geon Hee (Image Credits- tvN)
Key Highlight
  • Song Geon Hee revealed how he changed the casts' group chat name
  • He also shared how his Lovely Runner character stopped from taking a hiatus

Lovely Runner star Song Geon Hee spilled the beans that he's the mastermind behind the group chat for the cast, but his choice of the chat's name left everyone in stitches. Plus, he opened up about contemplating a hiatus from acting until his role as Kim Tae Sung in Lovely Runner convinced him otherwise.

Lovely Runner’s Song Geon Hee revealed cast group name

Lovely Runner's Song Geon Hee revealed recently that he took charge and set up the group chat for the cast of the time-slip rom-com series, featuring members like Kim Hye Yoon and Byeon Woo Seok. 

However, he threw everyone for a loop by naming it "태업튀" (Carry Tae Sung & Run) instead of sticking to the show's title, "선업튀" (Carry Sun Jae & Run). The cast members were taken aback and couldn't help but find it humorously odd and teased him for it. Song Geon Hee then revealed that he has since changed the name of the group chat.

In the series, Song Geon Hee takes on the role of Kim Tae Sung, the second male lead. Throughout different timelines, Im Sol's feelings toward him range from having a crush to dating, and eventually evolving into a close friendship. His portrayal of Kim Tae Sung has earned him a strong fan following due to his charming persona and genuine kindness, both on screen and off.


Song Geon Hee shares want to stop acting 

Despite his popularity on the show, Song Geon Hee made a candid revelation in an interview with The Fact. He admitted to nearly quitting acting altogether, seriously considering a hiatus.

The turning point came after his involvement in the 2023 K-drama Joseon Attorney: A Morality. Up until then, Song Geon Hee had been steadily building his career since 2018, appearing in twelve projects.

However, the aftermath of Joseon Attorney: A Morality left him feeling shattered. He found himself in a slump, struggling with what seemed like burnout and an overwhelming whirlwind of thoughts. Consequently, he contemplated stepping away from work for a while.

After dedicating himself tirelessly to his craft for 4-5 years, he felt it was time for a much-needed break. However, everything took a turn when Song Geon Hee was introduced to his character, Kim Tae Sung, in Lovely Runner.

He noted that Tae Sung's composed and adaptable nature seemed to have a significant impact on him in real life. As he immersed himself in the role of Tae Sung, Geon Hee found a newfound sense of calm and flexibility. By the latter stages of filming, he realized that he inherently possessed a laid-back personality after all. Consequently, the idea of taking a break gradually faded away.


Geon Hee shared that with each character he portrays, he also experiences personal growth as Song Geon Hee. Among them, Tae Sung presented him with invaluable lessons and opportunities for self-discovery.

Thanks to Lovely Runner and its fans, Song Geon Hee said he has received an abundance of love, support, and inspiration. He expressed his desire to continue working hard in the future, while also wanting to make the most of his time as a 28-year-old. 

Grateful for the immense affection shown towards his friend, Kim Tae Sung, he acknowledged that the momentum he gained was all thanks to the viewers. Though he may not yet know the characters he'll portray in future projects, he's committed to repaying the fans' support by wholeheartedly embracing those roles once again.

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