Missions & Values


Our mission is to digitally pioneer the most-far reaching content for audiences, through our relentless, earnest, and reliable coverage of all things entertainment and lifestyle. We aim to elevate and educate our readers along every step of the way, as we engage and entertain them.


  • Integrity

    All our undertakings are led by a deep sense of integrity, and we place the utmost importance on honesty, fairness, and mutual respect across all levels of our organizational approach & efforts to bring forth the most unbiased digital news to our readers.

  • Agility

    As one of the earliest players in the digital content ecosystem in India, we place a huge emphasis on staying ahead of the curve and leading with a passion to continually evolve and adapt, to inform, aid, and educate our audiences.

  • Empathy

    Our organizational culture is rooted in empathy and mutual respect, as we believe success is an outcome of thoughtfulness, consideration & reflections of everything undertaken to create the most outstanding work.