Who Are Caleb Williams' Parents?

All you need to know about Caleb Williams' parents.

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Image Courtesy: Instagram
Image Courtesy: Instagram

Caleb Williams has been trending for a while now, thanks to this outstanding college career. The star quarterback is expected to be the first overall pick of the 2024 Draft. But while you might have heard about Caleb Williams, there's not much buzz around his parents. 

Behind the success of Caleb Williams is the support and love of his parents. But who are Caleb Williams' parents? Where do they live and what's their net worth? Keep reading to know everything about the proud parents of potential NFL first draft 2024. 

Caleb Williams’ Parents

Dayne Price and Carl Williams are the parents of Caleb Williams, and they have been the biggest supporting pillars of their son through his career. His parents welcomed him into this world on November 18, 2001, in Washington DC. It's the same place where they sent Caleb to attend Gonzaga College High School. 

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Carl Williams and Dayne Price don't have any other children, apart from Caleb, so it was obvious for him to be his parents' center of attention. They have always been supportive of his decisions and have guided him whenever required. 

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Caleb Williams’ father Carn is an African American. While her mother Dayne Price is of Latin Descent. The two got married in 2000 and a year later gave birth to Caleb. The two raised him in Washington DC, and that's where his football journey also kickstarted. 


Who is Caleb Williams' Dad?

Caleb Williams' father Carl Williams has a major hand in turning his son into a skilled athlete. Carl is a co-owner of Athletic Republic Capital Region. It's a renowned sports performance center. Caleb's father is dedicated to providing specialized training to aspiring players/athletes.

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Carl has worked with his son Caleb at his Athletic Republic facility, making sure that he receives top-notch preparation and training. Being a father, he kept a close eye on Carl, in terms of his athletic performance, and trained him with the best resources. For Caleb, his father is his biggest inspiration. 

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Who is Caleb Williams' Mom?

While Caleb William's father is an important figure in his life, his mother holds a very special and replacement place in the athlete's heart. Dayne Price is a dedicated and expert nail technician and has been a huge source of motivation for Caleb, throughout his life.


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Caleb's exceptional work ethic and strong mindset are a gift from her mother Dayne. Just like her husband, Dayne has been highly supportive of Caleb's career choices. In fact, she has attended all the games of his son, offering her utmost support. She is a special figure for Caleb.

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Caleb Williams’ age and height

Caleb Williams was born on November 18, 2001, and as of February 2024, the future NFL player is 22 years old. Talking about his height, he stands 6' 5" tall, with a body weight of about 216 lbs. In terms of height, he is taller than his father Carl Williams as well as her mother Dayne Price. 

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Caleb Williams’ parents have a background in sports

One reason why Caleb Williams chose to make a career in sports is due to the fact that their parents have a background in sports. Caleb's father Carl used to play in college football for Oklahoma State University. However, he didn't find much success there and gradually shifted into the business world. 


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In addition to his father, his mother Dayne Price comes from a sports background herself. According to FirstSportz, Dayne Price used to play volleyball and basketball at the University of Maryland Terrapins. Since both the parents came from sports backgrounds, they knew how they could make their son a successful athlete. 

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Where do Caleb Williams’ parents live?

Carl Williams and Dayna Price live in Washington DC. It's the same city that Caleb was born in and where the two run their businesses and professions. Going forward, where they live might change considering which NFL team he indeed gets drafted in. According to the 2024 NFL draft order, the Chicago Bears get to make the first draft pick. 

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What is the net worth of Caleb Williams’ parents?

As of 2024, there are no dedicated details about how much Caleb William's parents Carl and Dayna make. However, how much Calen Williams earns, we have got an idea about that. According to multiple sources and reports, Caleb Williams has an estimated net worth of more than 3 Million. 

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