Former UFC Star Reveals ‘Dana White Bought an Organization’ to Save His Career

MMA veteran Quinton Rampage Jackson recently detailed how Dana White bought WFA to bring him into the UFC. Read on!

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Dana White

MMA veteran Rampage Jackson recently spoke about how Dana White saved his career. On a podcast episode with Joe Rogan, Quinton detailed when the CEO bought an entire organization for him to fight under the UFC. 

Despite his gripes with Dana White, Quinton Jackson is thankful for this maneuver. The UFC veteran detailed the aforementioned purchase by the president on the Joe Rogan Experience Podcast.

Dana White bought an entire organization for Rampage Jackson

Quinton Rampage Jackson is one of the pioneers in establishing a new era for mixed martial arts. His brutal knockout victories over Chuck Liddell and Wanderlei Silva are some of his career highlights.

Before coming to the UFC, Jackson was a superstar in Pride Fighting Championships. He defeated a lot of tough contenders under the organization before his shift. In a recent interview alongside Joe Rogan, the MMA veteran opened up about how he got in.

“Dana White bought an organization just to get me,” said Rampage Jackson. After his stint in Pride FC, Quinton shifted to World Fighting Alliance (WFA). However, he revealed that the company had ‘folded.’

Jackson says that Dana White bought WFA in order to get Rampage Jackson to fight in the UFC. The MMA veteran’s shift to the organization was his most successful endeavor by far. Although his stint at Pride FC was beloved, he is mostly known for his career in the UFC.


Rampage Jackson has not always been kind toward Dana White. After joining the UFC, the MMA veteran had a lot of gripes toward the president. However, the former champion put it aside to give props to the CEO for saving his career.

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Rampage Jackson and Joe Rogan apologize to each other 

Over a decade ago, Rampage Jackson and Joe Rogan were not on the best terms. The MMA veteran was seemingly offended at the popular comedian critiquing his lack of head kicks. 

On his recent appearance on the Joe Rogan Experience, Rampage Jackson apologized for his hostility toward the UFC commentator. The 56-year-old had also apologized for the misunderstanding.

“It wasn’t nothing you said, it’s the f****** fans,” said Rampage Jackson. The UFC veteran blamed fans for his judgment being clouded about Joe Rogan. He also explained that the reason for his lack of leg kicks was due to the fighters taking him down.


Rampage also revealed how Joe Rogan’s opinions on his kicks got to his head. In his fight against Matt Hamil, Jackson threw a kick, although he did not prefer to. And sure enough, he was taken down to wrestle. 

Although they shared a hostile relationship, Joe Rogan and Rampage Jackson had a hearty laugh on the podcast. They apologized to each other and seemed to share a cordial relationship moving forward. 

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