He Poured His Heart Out to Vince’: John Cena Accused of Using His Influence To Ruin Up and Coming WWE Star’s Push

A former WWE manager has spoken against John Cena, accusing the former WWE Champion of using his influence and ruining the career of an up and coming wrestler. Know all that he said.

Published on Feb 28, 2024  |  04:17 PM IST |  111.2K
John Cena Accused of Using His Influence To Ruin Up and Coming WWE Star’s Push
John Cena has been a 16-time WWE Champion in his career. (PC: Getty Images)

The 16-time WWE Champion, John Cena is known for his magnanimity. ‘The Cenation leader’ has not just carried the WWE for nearly a decade as the face of the company, he also pushed other WWE wrestlers like Sheamus for their growth in WWE.

However, there’s a saying that ‘All that glitters is not gold’, in the case of John Cena also, it is somewhat true. The 46-year-old wrestler who also commands huge influence on the company affairs, also influences some big decisions.

For example, let's take the story of Alex Riley, a former WWE wrestler whose career came down to a grinding halt in 2016. Rumors suggest that it was John Cena who played a key role in ousting Riley from the WWE. However, it hasn’t been substantiated by many people, but recently, former WWE wrestlers, Ryback and Rene Dupree have spoken about it.

Now, a former WWE manager, Dutch Mantell, has openly accused John Cena of ruining Alex Riley’s career, by getting him out of WWE.

What did Dutch Mantell say?

In a recent episode of Story Time with Dutch Mantell, the wrestling veteran talked about the time, when he witnessed John Cena, specifically go up to Vince McMahon, express his willingness to work with Alex Riley and convince McMahon to show Riley the doors.

Although the company didn’t do it instantly, as per Mantell, they stopped pushing him, which eventually brought him down in the roster, and the audience soon forgot him. In 2016, Riley was laid off by WWE.


“I heard about it. I remember earlier I was talking that it doesn't take a lot to lose your push. Not with Vince, not with him in charge. It could be anything. So probably Cena didn't like Alex Riley. So he probably just went and poured his heart out to Vince. Well, we can fix that, they didn't tell Riley nothing and just stopped pushing him,” Mantell said.

‘Cena is not that talented inside the ring’: Mantell 

Mantell also went to the extent of saying that John Cena wasn’t that talented, but it was his charisma and his mic skills that WWE pushed him, which made him tons of money.

“He [McMahon] was the only one who would give him a shot because John Cena in a wrestling ring; he's not that talented. But he's a good rapper, and I think that's what Vince saw, and the 'You can't see me.' They took that and made a character out of that and made him tons of money,” Mantell said.

The case of Alex Riley

Alex Riley has himself spoken on several occasions since his ouster from WWE in 2016. The 42-year-old wrestler signed up with WWE in 2007, made his way to the main roster in 2010 through NXT, and by 2011, Riley had teamed up with The Miz and competed in matches with John Cena.

Riley recently said that he had to bear the brunt of being exed from WWE on a professional level, but said that he will certainly speak about it. On his Instagram account, Riley has often accused John Cena in cryptic posts, accusing him of ruining his career.

Former WWE wrestler Rene Dupree even went to the extent of saying that he knows of a “locker room talk” involving Cena and Riley, which if it comes out, can seriously affect John Cena’s lavish Hollywood career.

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