Jason Sudeikis Asks Travis Kelce When He'll Make 'Honest Woman' Out of Taylor Swift in Harrison Butker Jab

At a charity event, Travis Kelce laughed off comedian Jason Sudeikis' jokes about proposing to his girlfriend Taylor Swift. The sources reveal that the couple isn't rushing into marriage yet.

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Published on Jun 03, 2024 | 11:14 AM IST | 71.2K
 At a charity event, Travis Kelce laughed off comedian Jason Sudeikis' jokes about proposing to his girlfriend Taylor Swift.
Travis Kelce, Taylor Swift and Harrison Butker (Image Credits: Getty Images)

During the 15th annual Big Slick Celebrity Weekend charity fundraiser in Kansas City, hosted on Saturday, a playful banter between comedian Jason Sudeikis and NFL star Travis Kelce brought out big laughs from the crowd.

While playing along in the former Saturday Night Live cast member’s sketch, the pro football player was subject to some good-natured teasing about putting a ring on his girlfriend and pop star Taylor Swift. 


Jason Sudeikis steals the show with a cheeky question

This moment, which has now gone viral over social media, came when comedian Jason Sudeikis, during the sketch, posed a rather cheeky question.

While being in the character wearing sunglasses, a baseball cap, and a fake mustache, Sudeikis asks Kelce about when he plans to take his relationship with the pop icon to the next level. 

"Hey Travis, real talk, OK, just the guys here," Sudeikis said from the stage to Kelce, who was seated at a table with the comedian and his co-stars Robert Smigel and George Wendt. "When are you going to make an honest woman out of her?"

Kelce, the 34-year-old Kansas City Chiefs tight end, couldn't help but smile, laugh, and rub his beard as the audience cheered loudly. 

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Marriage jokes continue with controversial Harrison Butker reference

Sudeikis, along with his fellow performers, continue to joke about Swift’s life after marriage, suggesting that she could potentially retire from her immensely successful career as an entertainer and be a wife to Kelce. 


"Taylor doesn't need to be working anymore," Sudeikis quipped in his thick Chicago accent. "And again, I know your kicker agrees with me."

This appeared to be a reference to controversial comments made by Kelce's Chiefs teammate Harrison Butker in a recent commencement speech at Benedictine College. 

Butker recently made headlines when he claimed female graduates should prioritize "marriage and motherhood" over their professional ambitions.

"Guys, you're really pushing it," Kelce said with a laugh while shaking his head, making it clear that he had seemingly heard enough of the playful jabs about his relationship with Swift.

No rushing down the aisle for Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift

A close source to the pair recently revealed that the couple is under no pressure to rush down the aisle just yet.

"Travis has no plans on proposing to Taylor anytime soon," an insider revealed to Us Weekly recently. "It's not even on his radar. Marriage is something he takes very seriously and not something he would ever just jump into without giving it some careful consideration."


While the 34-year-old football star cares very deeply for the pop superstar, they are allowing their relationship to progress at its own pace after less than a year of dating very publicly, the source added. 

"They still have so much to learn about each other," another source said earlier this year when asked about the ongoing rumors about the couple tying the knot. 

With the athletic tight end frequently traveling to catch Swift's ongoing Eras Tour shows in between his offseason training for the Chiefs, it is pretty clear that Kelce and Swift, right now, are committed to supporting each other's careers.

"Taylor's shows are unbelievable," Kelce gushed about attending her concerts in a recent interview. "If you haven't been to them, you got to try it."

According to an insider who revealed this to Us magazine, Kelce “wants to support her as much as he can while he can, so he's going back and forth from the U.S. to Europe while he has the time" during his NFL offseason.


Swift is also expected to show up to the upcoming games of her football boyfriend this coming season.

She herself has been traveling across the globe on her biggest tour yet throughout 2023, with recent stops in Europe after kicking things off in the U.S. 

Marriage Jokes May Continue for Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce

The ever-anticipated walk down the aisle might be a little far down the path for Kelce and Swift as of now, but the IT couple is certainly reveling in their passionate new romance.

Until then, it seems like the power couple has no option but to take their industry friends and colleagues poking some fun about when they’ll make things official with a smile and lasting sense of humor about their very public relationship. 

And considerably enough, after Kelce's interactions with Sudeikis and other performers at the charity event, he appeared in high spirits and didn't seem fazed at all by the playful marriage-related teasing.

"It's about to get crazy," Kelce said in a video while waiting backstage to pull off the skit. "This is going to get f---ing crazy. I don't know what I'm ready for right now, but I'm ready to have some fun."


With the power couple seemingly laughing off all the jokes together as such, it is quite clear that they are pretty equipped to go the distance in this relationship. 

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