Josh Giddey Trolled by Fans Over New Bulls Jersey Number: 'CP3 in Chicago and San Antonio

osh Giddey faces relentless trolling from fans after revealing his new jersey number for the Bulls, sparking a mix of humor and criticism across social media platforms. Read more

Published on Jul 10, 2024  |  11:37 PM IST |  93.9K
Image Courtesy: Twitter
Image Courtesy: Twitter

In a recent virtual news conference, the Chicago Bulls revealed Josh Giddey as their new player. Although the Australian player has not yet openly discussed his role with the Chicago Bulls, he will likely serve as the point guard.

Giddey was a particular target for the Bulls, much the same as the Oklahoma City Thunder was keen on acquiring Alex Caruso in a trade deal concluded last Friday. According to league sources, the Bulls received draft capital offers from the New York Knicks and the Sacramento but chose the one-on-one deal instead.

Fan reaction to Josh Giddey's jersey number sparks debate

There has been a recent debate among fans sparked by the jersey number that Josh Giddey will wear. The official Bulls' website shows that Giddey will wear No. 3, the same number Andre Drummond wore last season. Even though Drummond is still listed on the roster, most agree that he will soon be leaving via free agency. Fans have linked Giddey's new jersey number to a previous situation involving a minor girl, resulting in varied reactions.

Josh Giddey, the 21-year-old Australian NBA player formerly with the Oklahoma City Thunder, was recently cleared of claims suggesting an inappropriate relationship with a minor. The Newport Beach Police Department ended its investigation due to a lack of supporting evidence and cooperation from the involved parties.

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Josh Giddey's journey amid allegations and public opinion


Josh Giddey, the 2021 NBA draft's 6th overall pick, has persistently his dedication by playing for the Thunder even during the investigation. Although he did not respond to the claims made against him, he expressed he was not going to make any comments about the issue.

The storm began in November 2023, when an anonymous claim about Giddey having an unsuitable relationship with a high school junior emerged on social media. This claim, despite being later deleted, initiated a whirlwind, leading to fans showing disapproval towards Giddey.

Even though Giddey has been currently cleared of any indecent activity, the effect on his public image is still noticeable. The jury of public sentiment seems to have already passed judgment, and he will likely continue to be scrutinized and criticized, irrespective of the inquiry not finding any illegal conduct.

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