Paul George Prepares for 76ers Stint by Talking to LeBron James, Studying Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant Moves to Improve Game at 34

TNT’s Kevin Harlan reports that Paul George is gearing up for his 76ers debut with insights from LeBron and studying the footwork of legends like Kobe and Jordan.

Published on Jul 06, 2024  |  09:44 PM IST |  82.1K
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Paul George is about to start a new chapter in his NBA career with the Philadelphia 76ers, and he is taking significant steps to ensure that he performs at his best. The 34-year-old has been consulting with LeBron James and analyzing game footage of Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant to refine his game.

After spending five successful seasons with the Los Angeles Clippers, George has returned to the Eastern Conference with one aim — Help the 76ers break their second-round playoff curse and lead them to deep playoff runs and, hopefully, a championship!

This off-season, Paul George is learning from the best

TNT’s legendary NBA broadcaster Kevin Harlan recently appeared on the podcast Takeoff with John Clark, where he shared that Paul George has been consulting with LeBron James about how to be impactful in his mid-thirties and extend his NBA career well into his late thirties. 

Harlan also mentioned that PG has been studying Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant to adapt his game at the age of 34. George's insights and experience can significantly benefit the Sixers in various ways.

Paul George’s decision to study LeBron James, Michael Jordan, and Kobe Bryant is a strategic move to enhance his game as he approaches the twilight of his career. George wishes to learn from the wealth of knowledge and experience that these basketball legends can offer.


LeBron James, known for his versatility and longevity, continues to perform at an elite level well into his late 30s. Similarly, Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant's scoring prowess and offensive finesse were lethal when they were the same age as George. Their playing style makes them ideal role models for PG as he adapts his game at age 34. By studying Kobe and Jordan’s footwork, offensive skills, and mindsets, George hopes to contribute significantly to the 76ers’ success.

Paul George at the Philadelphia 76ers

Despite criticism for poor playoff performances, Paul George's smooth offensive game, impeccable footwork, on-ball defense, and strong fundamentals have remained standout aspects of his play. As he transitions to the 76ers, he aims to continue being a dominant force on the court.

The 76ers have made the playoffs for the past seven seasons but have struggled to advance beyond the second round. With the addition of George, alongside stars Joel Embiid and Tyrese Maxey, the team is poised to make a deeper playoff run.


George brings veteran experience and two-way skills as a wing player that are expected to complement Embiid’s dominant presence in the paint and super-fast Tyrese Maxey’s emerging talent. This new ‘Big 3’ gives the 76ers a tough lineup capable of competing with the best in the league.

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Paul George is still smooth

At 34, Paul George may not have the same athleticism he once did, but his game remains incredibly smooth and efficient. By incorporating elements from the playing styles of Jordan, Bryant, and James, George can continue to be a potent scorer and a reliable leader on the court. His ability to adapt and refine his game will be crucial for the 76ers as they aim to surpass their previous playoff performances.

As George integrates into the team and applies the lessons learned from studying the game’s greats, the 76ers are well-positioned to be a significant threat in the 2024-25 NBA season. With a core of George, Embiid, and Maxey, along with a strengthened supporting cast with the inclusion of Caleb Martin, Andre Drummond, and Eric Gordon, Philadelphia fans have much to look forward to as their team aims to make a deep playoff run and contend for an NBA championship.


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