Recalling Lewis Hamilton’s Most Iconic British GP Moments With Mercedes Before Last Race With Silver Arrows

Lewis Hamilton is known for his iconic racing moments and fashion statement but did you know once Hamilton won a race with just 3 tires on him?

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Lewis Hamilton [Credit-Getty]
Lewis Hamilton [Credit-Getty]

The 2020 British Grand Prix was marked by late drama, as Mercedes drivers Lewis Hamilton and Valtteri Bottas suffered punctures in the closing stages of the race, leaving the Finn out of the points and the Briton crawling over the line and narrowly winning ahead of a hard-charging Max Verstappen.

From the outset, it was clear that the Mercedes team would dominate this Grand Prix, with both Hamilton and Bottas starting on the top row of the grid. Hamilton, as always, was in his element on home turf. He secured pole position and appeared invincible as he led the race. Bottas, who was always in Hamilton's rearview mirror, was on track for a good second-place finish.

Mercedes faced late punctures getting into Silverstone

With three circuits to go, Bottas' front left tire delaminated, causing him to decelerate significantly and forcing him to pit. His once-secure second-place position was now up for grabs, and he was forced to box, dropping out of the points and finishing 11th overall. Indeed, it foreshadowed what was to come for Hamilton as well.

Mercedes would not have believed their eyes, but as luck would have it, Hamilton sustained a puncture on the penultimate lap of the race, exactly like his colleague. With only three completely working tires, Hamilton's commanding lead appeared to be jeopardized, with Red Bull driver Max Verstappen pounding about in an attempt to grab the win.

Lewis Hamilton literally won British GP 2020 with just three working tires

Despite a quickly deteriorating tire, Hamilton kept his Mercedes on track. With tremendous control and superb driving abilities, he hobbled his vehicle toward the finish line, while his lead dwindling with each second. Verstappen, who had pitted for new tires in search of the quickest lap, seized the chance and began pursuing Hamilton.


However, Hamilton's perseverance and the massive advantage he had created earlier allowed him to cross the finish line only 5.8 seconds ahead of Verstappen, sealing a spectacular triumph that further added to his iconic stature.

The race demonstrated the volatility of Formula One. The late punctures sustained by Hamilton and Bottas shook the foundations of what appeared to be a typical Mercedes 1-2 victory, generating gripping racing in the last laps. It also demonstrated Lewis Hamilton's mental toughness and served as a sobering reminder to Bottas of the disasters that might occur even toward the finish of a race.

The 2020 British Grand Prix will be remembered for its thrilling climax, which included late unpredictability, a test of driver talent, and, most importantly, Hamilton's demonstration of persistence.

For the then-champion, it marked another memorable chapter in his remarkable career, demonstrating his amazing ability to overcome hardship and emerge victorious. Valtteri Bottas, on the other hand, took a hard pill, seeing a podium stolen away from him and leaving him worthless.


With Silverstone days away, only time will tell if Lewis Hamilton will be able to demonstrate such an incredible feat again.

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