Ryan Garcia Allegedly Broke Into His Ex’s Home and Destroyed It in Drunken Rampage: ‘Ima F*** You Up'

Ryan Garcia reportedly broke into his ex-wife’s home in an attempt to visit his children. However, he went on to trash the house instead.

Published on Jul 10, 2024  |  09:01 AM IST |  125.2K
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Ryan Garcia

Ryan Garcia reportedly broke into his ex-wife’s home to visit his children. However, the professional fighter has botched it instead. In an Instagram story shared by Andrea Celina, KingRy can be witnessed trashing the residence.

Andrea Celina also went on to share text messages between her and Garcia. The lightweight boxer’s hostility toward her is apparent in the screenshots. Ryan goes on to call her names in an attempt to meet his children without her presence.

Ryan Garcia allegedly breaks into his ex-wife’s house

Professional boxer Ryan Garcia’s antics over the past few days have been heavily criticized. Starting from his Devin Haney fight’s build-up to using racial slurs a week ago, KingRy has not caught a break ever since his well-documented alcohol addiction started.

KingRy is once again at the center of controversy. This time, it has gotten a bit too personal. Garcia’s ex-wife, Andrea Celina, shared screenshots of texts between her and Ryan. She also shared a picture of the professional fighter trashing her house.

She revealed that moving forward, she would be dealing with the harassment by consulting lawyers. Andrea Celina also expressed her need to inhibit Garcia from visiting his children due to his well-known alcohol addiction.

Celina shared a screenshot that displays multiple FaceTime call attempts from Garcia. Following this, an array of text messages from Ryan being inappropriate and disparaging his ex-wife were also posted. “Ima f*** you up,” wrote Garcia in one of those texts. She claimed it was tough to co-parent her children with the boxer.


In the following Instagram Stories, she posts pictures of her destroyed home. This suggested that Garcia had broken in and caused a mess. Andrea Celina revealed she would not engage with Ryan anymore, as she plans on contacting lawyers moving forward.

Ryan Garcia also posted a video of himself confronting Celina. He bombarded her with cheating accusations as he recorded it. However, a distressed Andrea yells at the professional boxer, claiming it was a friend and that he was mistaken.

Garcia accuses her of breaking her baby’s feeding bottle due to her being caught red-handed. Ryan believes he possesses messages that provide evidence of Andrea Celina cheating on the professional boxer. 

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Stephen A. Smith believes Ryan Garcia should be suspended indefinitely

Popular sports journalist Stephen A. Smith provided his thoughts on Ryan Garcia’s recent antics. The professional boxer was heavily criticized following his insensitive comments regarding African Americans and Muslims.


As a fellow African-American, Stephen A. Smith believes the professional boxer must be suspended indefinitely. He reveals boxing must take a step back from allowing Garcia to compete in the near future after recent antics.

Smith reveals Garcia’s problem with alcohol and drugs is the cause of the blunder. Despite claiming he had cordial meetings with KingRy, he disassociates the fighter with it. The popular sports analyst believes the boxer has a ‘screw loose.’

“Nobody is interested in being compassionate right now when you insult black people when you insult Muslims,” said Stephen A. Smith. He also brought up Garcia’s comments aimed at George Floyd, an African-American man who fell victim to police brutality. 

Stephen A. Smith believes Ryan Garcia has completely tarnished his career. KingRy was banned from the WBC following his recent comments. Although it's unsure where he will go from here, KingRy’s desire to fight tough opponents has come to a halt. 

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