Ryan Garcia Banned From WBC After Racist Social Media Meltdown Where He Calls George Floyd The N-Word

After repeated usage of racial slurs against black and Muslim people, Ryan Garcia’s elimination from the WBC was recently announced by president Mauricio Sulaiman. Read on.

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Ryan Garcia

Lightweight boxer Ryan Garcia was recently expelled from the World Boxing Council (WBC). President Mauricio Sulaiman addressed the said departure himself. KingRy went on a tirade about his hatred for black people whilst using hurtful slurs on X (formerly Twitter). 

He also went after George Floyd, a black man who fell victim to police brutality. This was the final nail in the coffin as fans and fighters alike heavily criticized Ryan Garcia. Further down the line, KingRy was witnessed arguing with fans regarding his use of slurs on X.

WBC president Mauricio Sulaiman bans Ryan Garcia

Ryan Garcia has been called out online for quite some time now. The lightweight boxer’s antics on social media have fans concerned for his well-being. KingRy was also captured in a drunken stupor on multiple occasions.

However, the lightweight boxer’s recent actions have been called into question. 

Ryan Garcia goes off on black people in his recent tweets. Whilst using racial slurs, KingRy did not stop his onslaught. He also revisited George Floyd’s tragic death that occurred in 2020. However, the lightweight boxer failed to hold back as he disrespected the innocent man’s murder at the hands of the police.

The professional boxer also went after Muslims on the microblogging platform. When he was called out on the behavior, he claimed he would not regret uttering these statements. Ryan Garcia has not withdrawn his statements as of yet.

Upon witnessing this, World Boxing Council (WBC) president, Mauricio Sulaiman tweeted his disappointment. He also officially announced Ryan Garcia’s departure from the organization.


“Exercising my authority as president of the WBC , I am hereby expelling Ryan Garcia from any activity with our organization,” wrote Mauricio Sulaiman. The president felt it was necessary to disavow his actions and distance the organization from such acts.

He also claims to have reached out to Ryan Garcia to help him regarding his mental health. However, KingRy supposedly rejected the offers on multiple occasions. 

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Former NBA star goes off on Ryan Garcia following social media meltdown

Former NBA player Stephen Jackson recently shared his thoughts on the matter. He also went on to threaten the professional boxer in a tweet. Jackson calls him out for his inconsiderate comments against George Floyd.

“Keep George Floyd's name out your mouth,” said Stephen Jackson. Calling Garcia a ‘clout chaser,’ the former NBA star expressed Ryan to be looking for attention. He further expresses his disappointment toward the lightweight boxer.


Jackson believes Ryan Garcia took steroids before his fight against Devin Haney. Although he goes off on KingRy, the former NBA player claims he should get help. 

In a shocking upset, KingRy emerged victorious. Despite being criticized, the fans loved Garcia for this.

Ryan Garcia is yet to respond to the Stephen Jackson call-out. As of now, KingRy is yet to withdraw his statements regarding the matter.

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