TB12 Method: Explaining Tom Brady’s Diet and Workout; How He Kept Himself Fit for Longer NFL Career

Tom Brady is known for his strict diet. The legendary former quarterback has played for 23 long seasons in the sport, crediting TB12 for his longevity and success. A look at the TB12 method.

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Exploring TB12 Method; Reason Behind Tom Brady’s Fitness for Longer NFL Career
Exploring TB12 Method; Reason Behind Tom Brady’s Fitness for Longer NFL Career (PC: Getty)

Tom Brady is well known for his illustrious career holding several records in the NFL. He is also considered the greatest quarterback in the league's history. While football is a game of risks and injuries, Brady is one of the fittest players to have longer careers in the sport.  

An average NFL career lasts only for a few years, however, the seven-time Super Bowl champion played for 23 long years on the top level even at 45. The former New England Patriots player is very strict about his diet even after his retirement. 

The five-time Super Bowl MVP has limits on what he can consume with the help of his TB12 method. What is it? Let us have a look at the program that the legendary former quarterback has credited for his success and unbelievable longevity.  

Exploring TB12 Method, diet, and workout responsible for Tom Brady's long and successful career

TB12 method was founded by Tom Brady and his body coach and former business partner Alex Guererro, a medicine practitioner. The method teaches daily healthy habits that revolve around its five pillars including “pliability, nutrition, hydration, movement, and mental fitness.” 

With the TB12 diet, mostly plant-based diet which is a pattern of consumption of nutrient-dense whole foods like fruits and vegetables, the player was able to grab three Super Bowls even after turning 40. 

Along with this, the diet also encourages its followers to keep themselves hydrated Meanwhile, the brand also has something to focus on. It says, “Supplements should be just that: a supplement to your diet, not a replacement for it.”


Brady is very strict about his health and the former player likes to avoid the consumption of some products like Alcohol, white sugar, caffeine, and not so much meat. “I think what I put in my body is very important,” he told People.

TB12 exercise for focused performance and brain care 

The TB12 method also includes several fitness exercises that help strengthen your body, naturally. 

Exercises like Single-arm Chest Press, Single-arm Row, core rotation, cross-body pull, and many more in the TB12 book help the athletes train without higher risks of injuries with the help of traditional methods of strength training. 

With the training that helps to “eliminate pain, avoid injury, optimize recovery, and elevate performance,” the book also focuses on brain care and how to maintain your mental health for a focused and best performance. 

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