WATCH: Evan Fournier Chokes Dennis Schroder During Heated Scuffle in France-Germany Friendly

The friendly clash between France and Germany turned into a brawl because of two seasoned NBA professionals, Evan Fournier and Dennis Schroder.

Updated on Jul 07, 2024  |  12:54 AM IST |  53.2K
Evan Fournier and Dennis Schroder

A heated altercation between Dennis Schroder and Evan Fournier during a highly charged friendly match between France and Germany ahead of the Paris Olympics caused tensions to spike dramatically.

The incident happened during the game when Fournier violently took the ball away from Schroder after he was fouled. This resulted in a face-to-face altercation where Fournier put his hands around Schröder's throat to intensify the conflict.

As the Olympics draws close, top teams are looking to get as much game time possible under their belt as they have set their eyes on the gold medal. France and Germany remain two of the favorites to win a medal in the competition.

Evan Fournier Chokes Dennis Schroder

The incident sparked a brawl

The argument caused the two teams to get into a bigger fight, which stopped the game and attracted much attention from the players and onlookers. After the incident, Fournier—who is known for his ferocious on-court demeanor—was sent off the court. The French squad continued to dominate despite his ejection, defeating Germany, the defending FIBA World Cup champions, 90-66.

The intense competitive spirit of the games

The confrontation between Schroder and Fournier demonstrates the fierce rivalry that frequently accompanies national team competition. When playing for their nations, both players are renowned for improving their performances; Fournier is an important member of the French team, and Schroder is a superstar for Germany.


When the teams play again on August 2 in the Olympic Group B final, there may be lingering animosity between them after their altercation added an unexpected drama to the friendly match. There were attempts at healing after the incident, with Fournier and Schröder seeming to make amends. However, the altercation had already created a tense atmosphere for their subsequent interactions.

Evan Fournier

France won the game comfortably

France's performance was not affected by Fournier's ejection because Victor Wembanyama gave an incredible performance. In just 19 minutes, the star player for the San Antonio Spurs scored 27 points on 11 of 17 shots, displaying his extraordinary talent and leading France to an easy victory.

Schröder is currently with the Brooklyn Nets, and Fournier, an accomplished NBA player, is currently a free agent. With the Olympics approaching, their altercation during the friendly match further highlights the high stakes and intense emotional nature of international basketball. This incident will stick in the minds of both teams as they get ready for the games in Paris, which will only heighten the excitement for their next encounter.


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