What is Randy Moss’ Most Controversial ‘Fake Moon’ Touchdown Celebration? Joe Burrow Reveals Eagerness To Bring It Back To NFL

Randy Moss performed the classic 'Fake Moon' celebration in the 2005 Wild Card Round game against the Packers, and Joe Burrow wants to bring it back now.

Published on Jul 09, 2024  |  09:01 PM IST |  51.2K
Randy Moss [Credit- Instagram@randygmoss]
Randy Moss [Credit- Instagram@randygmoss]

Over the years, fans have witnessed some very spectacular celebrations. Some examples include Rob Gronkowski's spike, Deion Sander's shuffle as he walked to the endzone, and Randy Moss' notorious false moon at Lambeau Field.

It was an unforgettable party. Randy Moss turned up to the Wild Card playoff game between the Minnesota Vikings and the Green Bay Packers after taking his confidence booster injection.

What is Randy Moss’ Most Controversial ‘Fake Moon’ Touchdown Celebration?

Moss was having a great game, so it was only fair that he celebrated his second touchdown in a way that would be remembered for years to come. After scoring the ball, Moss feigned mooning the crowd, a vulgar gesture in which he was observed appearing to remove his bottoms and showing his rear end to the home supporters.

While Randy Moss' celebration has been long forgotten, one modern-day quarterback hopes to revive it. That's Joe Burrow of the Cincinnati Bengals. The quarterback recently appeared on the Pardon My Take podcast with Barstool Sports, and one of the topics covered was Moss' celebration.

What does Joe Burrow have to say about the ‘Fake Moon’ celebration?

While the hosts were talking about some of the best football celebrations, Randy's 'Fake Moon' celebration had to be mentioned. While the hosts were eager to call it 'disgusting' and unpleasant, Burrow disagreed. The quarterback uttered something that none of the crowd expected.


He said, “If I get a rushing touchdown this year, I might bring back the fake moon. It's gotta be on the road though... “

First and foremost, the original fake moon will never be forgotten, and if Joe Burrow intends to keep his promise, supporters must pray that he scores a running touchdown in an away game.

Randy Moss spoke on the fake moon celebration

Few football fans remember the 2005 Wild Card round between the Minnesota Vikings and the Green Bay Packers. The celebration is the sole memorable event for them. Ultimately, the game favored the Vikings, who won 31-17.

Moss revealed the story behind the iconic celebration decades later, admitting that because he missed the first matchup between the two teams during the regular season due to a hamstring injury, when he went to play at Lambeau Field in the postseason, the fanbase there was bound to try to get into his mind. There were several cards with the headline "Where you at. Moss?" banners throughout the crowd at the games he missed during the regular season.


Randy Moss made careful to keep track of the receipts and never forgot them. That's why he went over and beyond to chastise the fans at Lambeau Field during the playoffs. Joe Burrow could really consider copying this celebration, but he has a larger problem: the NFL. 

In today's game, if he celebrates in this fashion, the officials are sure to crack down on his group and punish him for taunting. As a fan, I hope Burrow brings the 'false moon' back, but as a realist, I doubt the celebration will ever return.

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