Who is Jordon Hudson? All You Need To Know About Bill Belichick's Rumored Ex-Cheerleader, Girlfriend

Uncover details about Jordon Hudson, Bill Belichick's rumored ex-cheerleader girlfriend, including her background, career highlights, and their speculated relationship.

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Who is Bill Belichick's girlfriend?

Bill Belichick, the iconic former head coach of the New England Patriots, is making headlines not for his strategic moves on the football field but for his personal life. According to a TMZ report, 72-year-old NFL legend Bill Belichick is reportedly in a relationship with 24-year-old Jordon Hudson, a former competitive cheerleader. 

Here’s everything you need to know about the woman who has captured Belichick's heart.

Who is Jordon Hudson?

Jordan Hudson is an entrepreneur and philosopher, serving as the executive director for the exclusive Trouble Club Enterprises. According to reports, Hudson's support for Belichick is not just limited to their personal lives; she has been actively involved in helping him with his business ventures. 

This collaboration has strengthened their bond, showcasing a partnership that goes beyond romance.

On social media, Jordan Hudson maintains a growing presence, with 5,100 followers on Instagram. While she has kept a relatively low profile, her connection with Belichick has undoubtedly sparked interest in her life and career.

How did Bill Belichick and Jordon Hudson meet?

The love story between Belichick and Hudson began in 2021 on a flight from the Boston area to Florida. According to sources, Hudson was a student-athlete at the time and was working on a philosophy project, which sparked a conversation between the two. They exchanged contact information and stayed in touch, discussing Hudson's schoolwork and cheerleading routines over the ensuing months.


Their relationship remained friendly until Belichick ended his long-term relationship with Linda Holliday during the 2022 NFL season. Shortly after Belichick broke up with his wife, the friendship between Belichick and Hudson blossomed into a romantic relationship. Despite the significant age difference of 48 years, the couple grew closer and began spending more time together.

Initially, Belichick and Hudson kept their relationship under wraps. They were rarely seen in public together. Hudson quietly supported Belichick at his games at Gillette Stadium during the '22 and '23 NFL seasons.  Their discretion helped them maintain a low profile, avoiding the media frenzy that often accompanies high-profile relationships. 

In January 2024, Belichick and the Patriots mutually decided to part ways after he served as the head coach for the franchise for 23 seasons.

Bill Belichick and Jordon Hudson are going public

After a couple of years of their secret affair, Belichick and Hudson decided to go public with the relationship. In March 2024, Belichick was spotted cheering for Hudson at a cheerleading competition. Then, they were also seen together on a work trip to Croatia. Their relationship became more evident when Hudson attended Tom Brady's Patriots Hall of Fame induction ceremony with Belichick.


Within Belichick and Hudson’s inner friend circles, the relationship has become well-known. Rob Gronkowski, a close associate of Belichick, even joked about the couple during Tom Brady’s Netflix roast, The Roast of Tom Brady. 

From a chance meeting on a flight to a supportive partnership in both personal and professional realms, Bill Belichick and Jordon Hudson’s relationship is one of connection and mutual respect. 

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