Chaitra Krishnan

Content Manager- Beauty & Lifestyle
Makeup & Beauty, Skincare, Fashion

M.A. Journalism & Mass Communication, St Joseph's College, Bangalore

Chaitra is a staunch lover of everything Beauty & Fashion. She's a Journalism & Mass Communication postgraduate with more than 7 years of experience in professional writing and editing. Chaitra keeps up with everything that happens in the Beauty & Fashion world and makes sure that her readers get to do the same through her content. A dedicated leader and mentor, she ensures that her team stays motivated to follow their passion and entertain and inform their readers with the best quality content. 

Our Editorial Policy

Our Editorial Team is committed to providing unbiased, evidence-based, expert-reviewed, and up-to-date content to our readers. We make sure that in the dynamic world of the internet, our content stands out as the most informative, reliable, and reader-centric of all regardless of the topic be it health, fashion, beauty, entertainment, or wellness. Check out our Editorial Policy to know more.

Articles Written By Chaitra Krishnan

7 Fashionable Dresses to Make You Look Christmas-ready
7 Fashionable Dresses to Make You Look Christmas-ready