'Damn Right, I’m On His Side': Lisa Vanderpump Stands By Andy Cohen Amid Alleged Sexual Harrasment Claims

Lisa Vanderpump stands by Andy Cohen amidst allegations, expressing her hope for his continued presence on Bravo despite legal challenges.

Published on Apr 24, 2024  |  12:05 PM IST |  46K
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Lisa Vanderpump voiced her support for Andy Cohen amid ongoing allegations, expressing her desire for him to remain with Bravo.

Speaking on The Talk, Lisa Vanderpump emphasized her close relationship with Cohen, describing it as playful and connected. She noted their shared sense of humor and characterized Cohen's behavior as appropriately mischievous, typical of Bravo's atmosphere.

Lisa Vanderpump expresses her support for Andy Cohen amid ongoing controversy


During The Talk episode, Vanderpump said, “I’ve had a very close relationship with Andy over the years, Andy and I have always had a very playful relationship." She added, "I think I’ve been one of the few people that have done Watch What Happens Live on their own for many years, and had a kind of very connected relationship, and he’s playful. He’s appropriately naughty, like I am, too. I mean, that’s what Bravo is most of the time.”

Showing her support towards Cohen, Lisa said, “he’s a gay man that we have a lot of fun with. So, am I on his side? Damn right, I’m on his side.”

Addressing the accusations against Cohen, particularly regarding drug use and workplace harassment, Vanderpump defended him, stating her belief that the allegations were unfounded. She mentioned that “these allegations seem to come from people that are no longer working for Bravo.”



Vanderpump addressed specific legal cases involving Cohen, such as Leah McSweeney's lawsuit accusing him and Bravo of coercing alcohol consumption during filming.

She also referenced allegations from Brandi Glanville about Cohen's behavior in a video. Despite these controversies, Vanderpump stood by Cohen, highlighting her trust in him and their long-standing friendship.

In response to questions about whether the allegations could lead to Cohen's departure from Bravo, Vanderpump expressed “Well, I hope not. I really do.” She emphasized the positive impact Cohen has had on Bravo's programming and the entertainment industry as a whole.

What are the allegations against Andy Cohen?


Despite Bravo's assurance that Andy Cohen will remain with the network, fans are divided over the allegations against him. The controversy began in February 2024 when Brandi Glanville accused Cohen of sexual harassment, demanding an apology through her lawyers.

Glanville alleges Cohen made inappropriate comments during a phone call, claiming he intended to engage in sexual activity with another Bravo employee while thinking of her. Cohen has dismissed the incident as a joke, with Glanville's alleged involvement.

In March, Leah McSweeney filed a lawsuit against Cohen and Bravo, alleging a toxic work environment and drug use among Bravo talent. McSweeney claims Cohen favored those who used drugs and discriminated against her during her time on The Real Housewives of New York City. Cohen's team has refuted these claims as false and exaggerated.

Prior to these recent allegations, Kathy Griffin had raised concerns about Cohen's behavior years earlier. Griffin revealed that during her appearance on Watch What Happens Live, Cohen offered her cocaine on two separate occasions in 2017.

Although initially believing it to be a joke, Griffin later realized Cohen was serious. She declined both offers, and there is no indication that Cohen provided drugs in her presence.

These allegations have sparked debate among fans, with some questioning Cohen's conduct and others defending him. Despite the controversy, Bravo has stated its commitment to retaining Cohen, but the ongoing legal battles and accusations have cast a shadow over his reputation in the industry.

Vanderpump's supportive stance towards Cohen aligns with her personal experiences and interactions with him.

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