'He Wasn't Available': Devon Sawa Reveals Macaulay Culkin Was First Choice To Star In Eminem's Stan MV

Devon Sawa discloses that Macaulay Culkin was initially chosen to star in Eminem's Stan music video.

Published on Apr 20, 2024  |  10:29 PM IST |  38.6K
Devon Sawa Drops Bombshell: Macaulay Culkin Almost Starred In Eminem's Stan MV
Devon Sawa, Macaulay Culkin (PC: IMDb)

Eminem's iconic Stan music video almost had a different leading man. In a recent chat with Entertainment Tonight, Devon Sawa, who famously appeared in the 2000 video, spilled the beans that he wasn't the initial choice for the role.

"They actually reached out to Macaulay Culkin first," the 43-year-old Chucky actor spilled. "I think they had him in mind, but for some reason, he wasn't able to do it or maybe he just wasn't interested."

Devon Sawa spilled the beans about how he ended up in Eminem's "Stan" music video. Turns out, it wasn't originally meant to be him! Nope, they actually had their sights set on Macaulay Culkin first.

But, alas, Macaulay wasn't available or maybe just not keen on it. Then, out of the blue, Dr. Dre, who was apparently binge-watching Final Destination, had an epiphany.

He thought, "Hey, why not Sawa?" Someone in the casting office had a connection to Sawa, and voila, he got the call. Talk about a twist of fate! And you know what? Sawa's pretty chuffed about it. He's even said it's one of the proudest gigs he's ever had. But, of course, it wasn't all smooth sailing. There were definitely a few hurdles to jump over along the way.


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Sawa Reflects on Filming Eminem's Iconic 'Stan' Music Video

Remember that time when they told me I had to lip-sync on the day of shooting? Yeah, talk about a curveball! After the first take, here comes Dre, swooping in like a hip-hop guardian angel, saying, "It was good, but can you try it with some rhythm this time?"

Dr. Dre, D12, and Snoop Dogg casually strolled by, and even Cypress Hill made an appearance. It was like a hip-hop extravaganza! Three days of pure madness, but man, was it epic. And let's not forget the song itself, Stan, an ode to an obsessed fan, spinning his love for Eminem into something kinda dangerous.

Eminem Calls on 'Stans' for Documentary on His Life and Career

Eminem, the rap legend himself, decided to rally his army of dedicated fans, known as "stans," for a special project. On Wednesday, April 10, he took to the virtual streets of X (formerly Twitter), putting out a call to action.

To recruit the most hardcore fans for what seems to be an upcoming documentary about his life and legendary career. Yep, you heard it right! Slim Shady himself wants his biggest stans to join forces for this epic journey. The tweet even came with a link to a mysterious website titled "Stans Film," complete with a questionnaire for eager fans to fill out. Looks like Em is ready to bring his story to life with the help of his loyal army of supporters.

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