What Was The Beef Between Eminem and Christina Aguilera About? Explained

Eminem and Christina Aguilera feud started when Eminem insulted her in one of his songs. Keep reading to learn more.

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Eminem and Christina Aguilera (Image via Instagram)

Christina Aguilera made certain remarks about Eminem's personal life during the 1999 MTV special What A Girl Wants. This sparked a feud between the two artists. She disclosed that Eminem had wed Kim, his longtime girlfriend, in secret. Christina also took issue with some of Eminem's lyrics, claiming they were aggressive and meant to be directed at Kim.

Known for addressing his detractors in his songs, Eminem didn't take long to reply. His hit song The Real Slim Shady from 2000 featured critical lyrics directed towards Christina. He made fun of her for talking about his private life on MTV and made a Kim reference. Their feud became more public as a result of this public retaliation.

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Eminem and Christina Aguilera: A musical feud

The conflict between the two musicians emphasizes how aggressive Eminem's lyrics are. Their feud demonstrated how celebrity disagreements can turn into public spectacles.

This was especially amplified by music and media. Despite the controversy, both artists' careers continued to thrive. Eminem's sharp lyrical style and Christina's vocal prowess keep them in the spotlight.

Eminem returned to the topic of Christina in another track, Off the Wall, which featured Redman. In retaliation, Christina released her own song, Can't Hold Us Down, on her 2002 album Stripped. In this track, she expressed her dissatisfaction with receiving criticism for expressing her opinions, questioning whether she should remain silent simply because she is a woman.


Both Eminem and Christina used their music as a platform to air their grievances. This made their ongoing feud a significant aspect of their careers. It also demonstrated their personalities and willingness to openly address issues through their art.

Eminem claimed he was called a "b***h" by some for speaking his mind and that it would be easier for people to accept him if he just smiled while sitting.

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It turned into a complicated relationship

At the 2002 MTV Music Awards, Christina surprised many by giving Eminem an award, and it seemed as though the two had made up. Nevertheless, in 2018, Eminem brought the dispute back to life by making reference to Christina in his song Kick-Off. It's interesting to note that, despite their public reconciliation, Eminem is said to have never mentioned Christina directly in interviews, raising the possibility that animosity still exists.

Eminem continued mentioning Christina in his music. This showed that their conflict was more serious than previously thought. This situation demonstrates the complexities of celebrity feuds and the difficulties of resolving conflicts in public. 


It also serves as a reminder that public displays of reconciliation may not always reflect the true state of relationships. Eminem and Christina's relationship is quite complicated. It is marked by conflicting and reconciling public personas. Only they know the real status of their relationship.

This is because Eminem prefers to communicate his feelings for Christina through his music rather than in interviews. In 2018, Eminem rekindled the feud by rapping in Kick-Off. It was a song that contained controversial remarks regarding Christina Aguilera.

In 2019, Christina Aguilera appeared on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen and addressed Eminem's remarks. She said his words were "really thirsty" and was perplexed about his motivations. 

Aguilera emphasized that the feud was in the past and chastised Eminem for pursuing a female in the industry, especially given the current social climate. She stated that it was inappropriate at the time and is still inappropriate now, suggesting that Eminem find another topic to discuss.


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