One Piece Episode 1071 Shatters Internet Records with Luffy's Gear 5 Debut

One Piece new episode 1071 broke all records and even crashed the website of Crunchyroll before it even aired. Read to find out

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One Piece Gear 5 breaks all records (YouTube)
Key Highlight
  • One Piece Gear 5 crashed the website Crunchyroll before it even aired
  • Although, other fandoms had issues with these claims and came out in support of there hit series

One Piece episode 1071 has caused multiple online platforms to crash as fans from all around the world witness Luffy's fabled Gear 5 transformation for the first time. The episode has received nothing but good feedback, with global streaming services such as Crunchyroll crashing because of high traffic.

Furthermore, One Piece episode 1071 has been trending on social media platforms like Twitter and Reddit, with viewers captivated by the animation quality and Luffy's Gear 5. Despite the hoopla surrounding the episode, fans of rival anime shows do not believe it broke the internet.

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The release of One Piece Gear 5 led to anime websites being crashed

The release of One Piece episode 1071 caused the servers of Crunchyroll, the most popular anime streaming platform, to crash. Due to increasing traffic as people excitedly awaited to watch Gear 5 in action. However, the site crashed well before the show aired.

As soon as the new episode aired, there was a significant increase in crashes, with Crunchyroll slowing down in various regions, including India. Several others flocked to Twitter to complain that the site had collapsed, with others reporting that it was nearly unusable for the majority of the day.

As a result, supporters were forced to transfer to other popular streaming channels within the fandom. Unfortunately, the majority of platforms crashed as a result of increased traffic after the Gear 5 episode aired, and many fans were unable to see the episode right away.

Gear 5 is a watershed point in the history of One Piece and anime in general. The episode's crazy reception on various streaming platforms offers viewers an indication of how iconic it truly was, confirming that it did indeed force the majority of sites to crash upon its release.


One Piece Gear 5's response in comparison to other iconic transformations

The anime fandom has reacted angrily to Luffy's Gear 5 transformation, with episode 1071 shattering many records and shutting down streaming networks.

Rival fandoms, on the other hand, have offered data to support the claim that Gear 5 is not as successful as Baryon Mode or Ultra Instinct.

While this swung the scales in Naruto's favor, episode 1071 ranked at #5 and #3 on the global Twitter trending tab, something Naruto never achieved.

Dragon Ball fans expressed on Twitter that Gear 5 only scratched the surface of the impact that Ultra Instinct had on the entire planet. Naruto and Dragon Ball fandoms are also coming together to condemn episode 1071, claiming that it failed to shatter the internet. Bleach supporters also questioned One Piece episode 1071's accomplishment, claiming that Ichigo's Final Getsuga Tensho is superior to Gear 5.

However, One Piece Twitter has viciously refuted these analogies and vehemently defended the series. The zeal with which supporters are defending Gear 5 is admirable, and it demonstrates how committed they are to Oda and his work.


One Piece episode 1071 presently has the most tweets out of all the episodes in the series, surpassing previous juggernauts like episodes 1015 and 1062. On Twitter, three hashtags are trending: #Luffy, #Gear5, and #ONEPIECE1071, demonstrating how iconic the Gear 5 episode was.

Meanwhile, the Gear 5 episode has made an impression on Twitter. It has already surpassed past records and set the groundwork for the decisive clash between Kaido and Luffy in episode 1072. For the time being, fans are marveling at Luffy's transformation into the Warrior of Liberation.

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What is One Piece age rating?
This series is for 13+ for a general audience but ultimately you'd have to decide based on your knowledge of how mature your own children are if you want to let them watch it at a younger age.

How old is Luffy in season 1?

Where to watch One Piece?
Crunchyroll, Amazon Prime Video, and Fuji TV

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