Revisiting the moment Harry Styles gave his two cents on One Direction reunion; claimed they had something 'really special together'

Harry Styles once made an appearance on the Spout Podcast, during which he shared his thoughts and feelings about the One Direction group and their reunion.

Published on Oct 08, 2023  |  09:41 PM IST |  308.3K
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Harry Styles ( Instagram & Imdb )
Key Highlight
  • Harry Styles once delved deeper into his feelings about One Direction
  • Styles' comments about a potential One Direction reunion ignited excitement among fans

While there are several well-known pop duos in the industry, none have captured people's hearts quite like One Direction. This popular pop group not only dominated the charts and music streaming platforms but also garnered numerous awards for their unforgettable songs. Even today, fans continue to groove to their tracks on repeat, and it's evident from their musical journey that they've cultivated a devoted and fervent fan base. 

Despite the members pursuing solo careers after the group's split, fans still hold out hope for a reunion or a collective performance. Even Harry Styles himself acknowledged in an interview that the group held a special place in his heart, and he elaborated on the experiences he had while being a part of the band.

Harry Styles on One Direction reunion

Harry Styles ( Instagram & Imdb )

In a Spout Podcast interview last year, Harry Styles shared his thoughts and emotions about his time with One Direction. When questioned about the possibility of a reunion, song collaboration, or group performance for fans in the future, Harry responded by saying, "I can't say for sure, but the idea is quite appealing to me, I must admit."

This suggested that fans could potentially witness a collaboration or reunion performance by One Direction. The speculation arises from the fact that during the same interview, he openly discussed his emotions and his time as a member of the group.


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Harry Styles’ emotions for One Direction


During the Spout Podcast interview, Harry Styles delved deeper into his feelings about One Direction, remarking, "I hope there comes a point when it feels like a collective desire." He went on to express his fondness for the albums they created together, acknowledging the unique and meaningful experience they all shared. 


Styles emphasized the strong bond and affection among the group and also added, “If the opportunity arises for us to come together in the appropriate manner, I believe it would be wonderful."

For the unversed, One Direction consisted of five renowned singers: Niall Horan, Liam Payne, Harry Styles, Louis Tomlinson, and Zayn Malik

Each of them has embarked on a successful solo career in the pop music industry, producing chart-topping hits. Notably, Harry Styles' track As It Was quickly became a sensation, breaking records along the way. In 2022, it claimed the title of Spotify's most-streamed song and also set a new record for Pop Airplay longevity.

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