What Was Late Queen Elizabeth's Specific Warning To Queen Camilla As SHe Joined Royal Duties? Find Out

On her wedding day, Camilla wore two different outfits, for the civil ceremony, she wore a cream silk chiffon dress and a matching silk coat, designed by Anna Valentine with a cream hat by Philip Treacy.

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Almost two decades ago, King Charles and Queen Camilla celebrated their wedding in a quiet and intimate ceremony. This day wasn’t just special for the newlyweds but also marked a key moment in royal history. The wedding had only a handful of close family members and friends present.

Though their wedding was a joyful occasion, it came with a humourous and practical twist. Yes, the late Queen Elizabeth II had a warning for her daughter-in-law. Want to know, what was the warning, delve further, and find out.

Queen Camilla’s wedding day

On April 9, 2005, King Charles and Queen Camilla tied the knot. The celebration was held near Windsor Castle, followed by a beautiful Service of Prayer at St. George’s Chapel. The guest list was kept small, with only 28 attendees. Along with Prince William, and Prince Harry, Camilla’s children from her previous marriage were also present.

Queen Camilla was previously married to Andrew Parker Bowles, a British Army officer. She shares two kids with him, Laura Lopes, and Tom Parker-Bowles. Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip did not attend the ceremony. As the head of the Church of England, the Queen felt it was inappropriate to attend. Why? Because both Charles and Camilla had been married before.

However, she and Prince showed their support by attending the Service of Prayer and dedication. They even hosted a grand reception at Windsor Castle afterward.

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The queen’s specific warning


After the blessing ceremony at St. George’s Chapel, the newlyweds were posing for pictures on the chapel steps. Because of the wind Camilla struggled with her headpiece. Queen Elizabeth II, standing behind the couple, noticed Camilla’s headband flutter uncontrollably. She turned to her son, Charles, and said, “I did warn her, wearing feathers.” Well, this highlights, Queen’s sharp observation and wit.

Camilla’s headpiece, while beautiful did give her a challenge. The King himself was seen saying to Camilla, “Hold on tight.” Camilla responded with a smile, “I need you too.”

Queen Camilla (Getty Images)

Was Queen Elizabeth happy on the wedding day?

Grant Harrold, a former royal butler who worked for Prince Charles, shared some interesting details from the wedding day. He revealed that the Queen played an important role in organizing the wedding details. From the flowers to the wedding rings, she took care of everything. Harrold recalled that the Queen gave a joyful and funny speech at the reception too.


He mentioned, “The biggest misconception about the wedding is that the Queen didn’t enjoy it or was not supportive enough. Well, it’s complete nonsense. She enjoyed every bit of it.” Harold also claimed that the royals don’t do things lightly, and she would have skipped the wedding if she was unhappy with it.

Queen Camilla’s outfit details

On her wedding day, Camilla wore two different outfits. For the civil ceremony, she wore a cream silk chiffon dress and a matching silk coat. It was designed by Anna Valentine. She completed the look with a cream hat by Philip Treacy.

For the blessing ceremony at St. George’s Chapel, Camilla changed into an embroidered pale blue and gold coat. She wore the coat over a matching chiffon gown by Robinson Valentine. And, of course, the leaf feathers headband with Swarovski diamonds, again by Philip Treacy.

When Charles and Camilla got married, it was decided that Camilla would be called HRH the Duchess of Cornwall. Initially, the plan was for her to be known as HRH The Princess Consort when Charles became the King. However, with time, people started loving Camilla and she eventually became Queen Consort upon Charles becoming the king.


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What was Queen Elizabeth's warning to Queen Camilla?
She warned Camilla about wearing feathers in her headpiece, which struggled in the wind.

What did Queen Camilla wear for her wedding?
For the civil ceremony, she wore a cream silk chiffon dress and matching coat. For the blessing ceremony, she wore an embroidered pale blue and gold coat over a chiffon gown.

Who attended King Charles and Queen Camilla's wedding?
Only 28 guests, including Prince William, Prince Harry, and Camilla’s children from her previous marriage.

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