Who Is Coolee Bravo? Exploring The Rapper Who Accused Drake Of Paying Him Money For Information Against Lamar

DJ Akademiks has labeled Family Matters as the ultimate weapon, the track intended to settle the Drake-Kendrick Lamar beef in Drake’s favor.

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Exploring Kendrick Lamar’s Camp Rapper Who Accused Drake Of Paying Him $150K To Leak Info
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Drake is said to be caught up in a scandal for supposedly trying to gather details about Kendrick Lamar’s partner, Whitney Alford. Rapper Coolee Bravo stated that someone connected to Drake proposed $150,000 in exchange for information about Lamar and Alford’s relationship.

Who is Coolee Bravo?

Bravo’s assertion caught the public eye when an audio recording of Bravo talking about the proposal appeared online, leading to discussions about Drake’s intentions. After these accusations, Bravo’s social media account was removed, intensifying the enigma. Even though he admitted receiving the money, Bravo claims he gave Drake’s team false information. 

Coolee Bravo (PC: IMDb)

Coolee Bravo is a rapper and a music producer who is also the owner of Yayerversity Sound. He debuted in 1999 when he was ten and released his first album in 2003. Bravo produced his first solo album in 2008 and has won many accolades and talent shows in the South and Midwest of the USA. Coolee Bravo has launched three EPs so far. The four albums were Sleepless in Atlanta, Stash Brothers, 20 Minutes In Chicago, and 45. 

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Although Coolee’s rapping career did not take off like his peers, he did not leave the industry altogether. He went on a hiatus till 2017 and later made a comeback on Twitter. He found stardom on Twitter. He is currently in the process of building his own company. 

The rapper also made a serious allegation that after taking 100K from the associates, he told them false information. He deceitfully told them Lamar was in Los Angeles and Alford was in New York before giving $50,000 to his partners. Amid the dispute, Kendrick Lamar’s newest track, Not Like Us, has garnered considerable acclaim. 


“See, this is why I say Kendrick f**ked him up bad. I can’t get any information on Kendrick because I’m only tied to his. His friend, L. L., is actually on the Time-Lapse with us. L got fewer followers than me,” he mentioned.

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What did Drake accuse Lamar of?

The rapper and business owner claimed that since he gained more popularity, Drake’s associates targeted him for information. According to Bravo, “They come to me. They are trying to get one of my little homies 150k. They try to get 100k, right? So, I say, what are they asking for? They say they want to know something about Kendrick. What you know about Whitney and all that sh*t. And I said, Whitney, who?” The reference is to Kendrick’s partner Whitey Alford. 

Kendrick and Whitney (PC: Getty Images)

Along with revealing sensitive information, he called Drake dumb for falling for his act. However, it has become common knowledge that Lamar would drop Meet the Grahams shortly after Family Matters and crush Drake's momentum.


In the track Family Matters, Drake sings that one of Kendrick Lamar’s children was not his but Fave Free, the co-founder of Lamar’s PGLang, alleging that Kendrick’s wife cheated on him. In another track, The Heart, part 6, the Hotline Bling singer said that Alford had unfollowed Lamar on Instagram. He also pointed out that Whitney and Lamar were living separately.

Drake (PC: Getty Images)

Kendrick Lamar and Whitney Alford have been together since high school. After getting engaged in 2015, the couple have been together ever since. They do not share two children, a son named Enoch and a daughter named Uzi. 

Lamar’s fourth single to top the Billboard Hot 100 debuted at No. 1, marking his first solo entry since 2017. Another track by Lamar, Euphoria, rose in popularity and reached number 3 on the charts in just its second week.

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