Jessi and Jay Park clarify contract speculations; MORE VISION termination rumors dismissed

Jessi and Jay Park have personally clarified any contract related speculations regarding Jessi leaving MORE VISION. Read on to know more.

Updated on Dec 07, 2023  |  09:16 AM IST |  296.7K
Jessi, Jay Park (Image Credits- Jay Park's Instagram)
Jessi, Jay Park (Image Credits- Jay Park's Instagram)
Key Highlight
  • Jessi and Jay Park personally clarify her contract speculations
  • Both dismiss any rumors regarding Jessi’s contract termination

On December 6 KST, it was reported that rapper Jessi was considering leaving her agency, Jay Park’s MORE VISION. The reports surfaced indicating ongoing discussions between singer Jessi and MORE VISION, the music label led by Jay Park, regarding the potential termination of their exclusive contract. Now on December 7 KST, both Jessi and Jay Park themselves have shut down the rumors.

Jessi and Jay Park address her contract termination

In response to widespread reports surrounding a potential contract termination, both Jessi and Jay Park have publicly addressed the speculation, reassuring fans that everything is good between them. The reports, which surfaced on December 6, initially suggested ongoing discussions regarding the termination of Jessi's contract with Jay Park's company, MORE VISION. While the reports hinted at the possibility of MORE VISION considering the termination of their exclusive agreement with Jessi, both parties have since clarified that they are engaged in ongoing negotiations with mutual understanding.

Amid the escalating news coverage, Jessi took to her Instagram account to address the situation and dispel any misunderstandings. She shared a photo alongside Jay Park with a caption that read, "Just arrived in NY... and woke up to this Nonsense... Ya'll need to get a life FR. We're all good over here. Happy Holiday Guys!" 


Jessi's Instagram story

Likewise, Jay Park took to his Instagram story to address the situation. He shared a photo featuring Jessi, emphasizing unity and dispelling any concerns about conflicts. In his caption, he wrote, "Me and Jessi (@jessicah_o) good. No need to worry. There is no disagreement." These statements clarified any ongoing rumors surrounding Jessi leaving Jay Park’s MORE VISION.

Jay Park's Instagram story

Jessi’s recent activities

On October 25, at 6 PM KST, 2:30 PM IST Jessi unveiled her latest digital single, Gum, across various music platforms. This dynamic song serves as the rapper's first release under the management of Jay Park's MORE VISION. Gum is characterized by its lively and upbeat nature, skillfully drawing parallels between Jessi's distinctive attributes and various gum flavors through clever and catchy lyrics.

Gum generated significant anticipation among fans, given that it marked Jessi's return after the massive success of her hit track, ZOOM. The global appeal of ZOOM was evident in its catchy lyrics and tune, causing it to trend on various social media platforms.

In July 2022, Jessi concluded her three-year affiliation with PSY's P NATION. Following this departure, she personally addressed the situation, emphasizing that she and PSY are on good terms and that the separation was mutual. Jessi also clarified that her exit from P NATION did not signify any intentions of retiring from the music industry.

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Credits: Jessi, Jay Park's Instagram

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