Andrew and Tristan Tate Gain Freedom to Travel Across Europe After Romanian Court Decision

Andrew and Tristan Tate can now travel freely within the EU after a Romanian court ruling. Discover how this impacts their legal battle and future plans!

Published on Jul 06, 2024  |  12:58 AM IST |  58.5K
Image Source: GETTY
Image Source: GETTY

Andrew and Tristan Tate can now travel within the EU. But what led to this unexpected turn? The brothers, facing charges of human trafficking and rape, had been stuck in Romania. How did they get here? They were initially held in police custody from December 2022 to April 2023.

Then, they were under house arrest until August. After that, they were restricted to Romania. Now, a Bucharest court has lifted that restriction within the EU. Their lawyer calls it a significant victory. But what does this mean for their case? Can they clear their names?

Tate Brothers Score Major Win in Court

In a significant legal twist, a Romanian court has decided that Andrew and Tristan Tate can now extend their horizons beyond Romania's borders, albeit restricted to the European Union. This decision, pending appeal, symbolizes a notable shift in their legal journey amidst grave accusations including human trafficking and rape, which they deny.

Andrew Tate reacted spiritedly to the ruling, expressing his relief and skepticism about the case's foundation on social media. "The sham case is falling apart," he declared on X, visibly taking the court's decision as a vindication of sorts. His forward-looking comments didn't stop there.

He mused about his newfound mobility in Europe with characteristic flamboyance: "My judges decided … I’m allowed to leave Romania, so do we take the [Ferrari] SF90 to Italy, the [Maserati] MC20 to Cannes, the [Ferrari] 812 Competition to Paris, where do I go?" This showcases his immediate response to pivot back to a life of high-profile travel and perhaps, normalcy.


Echoing Tate's sentiments, their lawyer, Eugene Vidineac, commended the court’s judgment, emphasizing the positive implication it holds for his clients. "We embrace and applaud the decision of the court today, I consider it a reflection of the exemplary behavior and assistance of my clients," Vidineac remarked. He further highlighted the decision as a step that allows the Tates to "pursue professional opportunities without restriction" within the EU.

This recent development in the Tate brothers' case thus marks a crucial, albeit tentative, milestone towards regaining their full freedom while they continue their battle to clear their name.

Red flags or early advantage?

Amidst the growing popularity of DADDY meme coin, Andrew Tate has announced an exciting new venture: the airdrop of The Real World (TRW) token. Backed by his educational business, Tate claims TRW's value is directly linked to his enterprise's profits, which reportedly reach about $20 million monthly.

He explained, "This token is going to be backed by the profits of the real world. Depending on how much of the tokens you own, depends on how much of The Real World you own."


Despite potential regulatory hurdles, Tate remains unfazed, asserting, "If you knew the names working with me to handle SEC obligations, you wouldn't worry." However, some crypto investors, like Luke Martin, have voiced concerns about possible legal challenges from the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).

How will these ventures fare against the scrutiny of regulatory bodies like the SEC? Will Tate’s bold strategy pave the way for a new era in tokenized business ventures, or will it encounter significant legal roadblocks?

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