Cam Newton Blasts fan for Leaking Lebron James’ Location after Refusing Picture: He’s not a F**king Animal

Cam Newton went nuclear on the fan’s characterless behavior, calling him a B**ch A** Ni**a. Read on to know what exactly happened.

Updated on Jul 10, 2024  |  02:18 AM IST |  52.5K
Source: Getty Images
Source: Getty Images

Fandom is what bridges the gap between sports and entertainment. Whether it’s one’s skill, experience, or athleticism, the dedication of an athlete has always commanded a great deal of fascination. Over time, their success meant the fans’ success, their city’s success, and their nation’s success. 

One such example of fandom is Lebron James. A once 18-year-old drafted first overall in the 2003 NBA Draft who went on to become one of the most influential and polarizing athletes not just in basketball, but sports history. 

Being Lebron James means fans will anticipate and react to everything you say or do. And while most fans will keep it respectful, others might be clout chasers disguised as fans.

This brings us to the recent incident that took place involving LBJ during the 2024 NBA Draft week.

Jealous Fan leaks Lebron’s location

James and his family were in New York City during draft week, celebrating the occasion of their son Bronny being picked in the NBA Draft. Amidst the James family having a good time, a fan approached James requesting for a picture which he politely declined. 

It makes sense for a celebrity to decline photo requests, especially if they are with family and don’t want to be bothered. However, this fan out of sheer jealousy pulled a petty move by recording a video detailing Lebron’s real-time location, calling on everyone to gather up at the spot. 


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Cam Newton blasts fan in his candid take

Infuriated by the fan’s tasteless action, prominent NFL quarterback Cam Newton gave his brutally honest take on the 4th and 1 Show.


“You sound like a bitter a** dude, you wasn’t a fan from the jump. Everybody’s trying to be content creators and trying to go viral. This is the most influential of our time, of Gen Z. This is our Michael Jordan, this is our Kobe Bryant, this is our Jerry West, this is our Tom Brady. And we sitting up here s***ing on this man just because he didn’t want to take picture with you goofy a** lame a** n***a. Bro, respect that dude. He’s not a f***ing animal,” shared Newton. 

His reaction comes from a place of genuine disappointment. As fans, we expect players to show class and respect at every moment but sometimes tend to overlook our own flaws. 


Speaking further on the matter, Newton established a distinction between fake fans and real fans. While fake, clout-chasing fans don’t care for the picture, but for the story attached to it, real fans empathize with a celeb’s situation if they decline. 

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