Deion Sanders Hits Back at Bronny James Critics After Lakers Draft With 3 Word Message

LeBron James and his family have faced criticism from fans and analysts since his son was selected by the Lakers this year. Fans are criticizing him on social media, which Deion Sanders has criticized in a post.

Published on Jul 05, 2024  |  04:14 PM IST |  32K
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Deion Sanders

Since Bronny James was drafted by the Los Angeles Lakers, social media has been flooded with criticism and allegations. Bronny has officially signed with the Los Angeles Lakers after being selected as the 55th overall choice in the 2024 NBA Draft.

Bronny's poor college statistics have been the primary source of his criticism. NFL veteran Deion Sanders, who defended Bronny in the face of criticism a few days ago, has posted a new three-word message on social media. He dropped the message on his X account.

Deion Sanders hits back at Bronny James' critics 

Fans and commentators alike are certain that nepotism played a significant factor in Bronny's decision to join his father in Los Angeles, and the argument persists even after father and son reached an agreement on contracts with the Lakers. It pays to keep your stars satisfied.

While fans are aware of this, they continue to take shots at the James family, which Sanders condemned on social media on Wednesday after a fan insulted them in a video.

Apex Jones, an X user, insulted James by releasing a video in which a man tries to persuade three individuals of something that is completely unworthy. Sanders then reposted it with the comment, "This ain't right.".

Although the Lakers claim otherwise, it is clear that they drafted him as a favor to his father, as LeBron is one of the best players of all time. But the fan's hatred originates from the reality that during his one season at USC, the younger James averaged less than five points per game and struggled in almost every facet.


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Deion Sanders advised Bronny a few months ago

Sanders advised Bronny a few months ago in a podcast not to take the pressure, stating that he, too, has boys that, when they go out to play, people just want to see their father in them. He stated that they do not need to be fathers, but he wants them to be the best versions of themselves.

Sanders has always had critics, and while this scenario is not about him, many have joked that he will do the same thing with his boys when they enter the NFL next year.

Both of his children play football, and they are currently on the team he coaches. While both boys are legitimately good players, the elder one is regarded as the potential first overall choice in the 2025 NFL draft.


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