Did Ian Garry Really Offer Michael Venom Page To Sleep With His Wife After His Failed UFC 303 Prediction?

Is it true that Ian Machado Garry offered Michael Venom Page to sleep with his wife Layla Machado Garry in case of failed UFC 303 predictions? Read to find out!

Published on Jul 03, 2024  |  11:37 AM IST |  84.8K
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Michael Venom Page(left) and Ian Machado Garry(right)

Welterweight contender Ian Machado Garry is no stranger to getting criticized. Fans and fighters alike often go after his wife, Layla Machado Garry, for several reasons. The Irishman recently defeated Michael Venom Page at the much anticipated UFC 303.

However, speculations regarding the rivalry between Page and Garry are well and active. In the MMA community, it was recently rumored that the Irishman had offered Michael Venom Page to sleep with his wife if his fight predictions fell flat. 

Did Michael Venom Page sleep with Ian Machado Garry’s wife?

There were a lot of eyes on the recent news regarding The Future’s wife, Layla Machado Garry, allegedly sleeping with Michael Venom Page. However, these rumors fall flat on several different aspects.

Ian Garry is very well acquainted with first-round knockouts. It was said that if he failed to do the same to Michael Venom Page at UFC 303, his wife, Layla Machado Garry, would sleep with the Brit.

Michael Venom Page allegedly called out Ian Garry for not fulfilling his promise. On X (formerly Twitter), the British welterweight posted at The Future regarding the matter. He even offered for the Irishman to sit on the sidelines.

Despite grabbing a lot of attention from fans, these series of tweets are not true. Fabricated by meme accounts on social media, the tweet currently sits at eight thousand likes. 

There is no substantial evidence backing the image that captures said tweets whatsoever. Ian Garry and his wife Layla Machado Garry are often the object of derision when it comes to misogynistic rumors. 


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When Leon Edwards predicted Michael Venom Page to defeat Ian Garry

Ian Machado Garry defeated Michael Venom Page via a unanimous decision. Although it was a razor-thin win, this is a huge step for the Irishman moving forward in the welterweight division. 

Before the fight took place, UFC Welterweight Champion Leon Edwards had thoughts regarding the bout. In an interview with Sky Sports, Rocky offered his predictions regarding the much-anticipated bout.

Leon Edwards claimed it was a tough fight to call. Both fighters are known to be master counterpunchers and striking technicians. Although he appeared hesitant, the welterweight champion predicted Michael Venom Page would emerge victorious.

The champion is also anticipating a potential fight with Michael Venom Page or Ian Garry. As they climb up the rankings in the division, the contenders will inevitably face Leon Edwards at some point. 


Throughout the fight, Venom managed to outstrike Garry. Although this fight was predicted to be a similar stylistic matchup in terms of striking, the Irishman shot for multiple takedowns, dominating the Brit in wrestling.  

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