Does Shaquille O'Neal Own a Smart Car? Find Out

Shaquille O’Neal has been in talks about if he owns a smart car. Read more to find out.

Published on Jul 05, 2024  |  05:14 PM IST |  44.9K
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Shaquille O'Neal Own a Smart Car

Shaq, whose real name is Shaquille O'Neal, is a legendary figure in the basketball community and beyond. Shaq was one of the biggest and most physically intimidating players in NBA history, standing seven feet one inch and weighing over 300 pounds at the time of his participation. But off the court, too, his sunny personality shines through, frequently surprising supporters with his wide range of hobbies and unique way of living has led to a lot of people being curious about Shaquille O'Neal's ownership of a smart automobile.

It's no secret that Shaquille O'Neal loves cars. His exquisite collection of pricey, high-end vehicles perfectly reflects his taste and sense of style. Shaq's garage is stocked with everything from luxury sedans to trucks, demonstrating his enthusiasm for creating high-quality automobiles. But this smart car is a unique choice among all luxury products.

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The origin of the curiosity

Shaq is often seen driving smart cars, leading to rumors that he owns such a vehicle. The NBA giant's small car attracted attention on the road and subsequently had both car enthusiasts and fans talking about it.


Shaq, who is well-known for his jokes and sense of humor, encouraged fans to ask questions and show interest. To demonstrate that he is the owner of a little smart car, he even uploaded pictures and videos of himself driving one. 
Shaq never fails to entertain his fans with the hilarious sight of him struggling to fit into a car due to his massive size, which he loves to share on social media for a good laugh.

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Shaq O’Neal owns a modified car

The automobile Shaq drives was extensively modified to accommodate his large frame. The front seat was removed to provide room for him to sit in the back, where he could fit more comfortably. Shaq was able to blend humor and practicality with this creative alteration, making the smart car a fun and practical mode of transportation.

Shaq's possession of a smart automobile is more than simply a unique characteristic; it speaks to his grounded nature and openness to trying new things. It also demonstrates his practical side, as he makes quick travels throughout the city in the smart car, taking advantage of its mobility and ease of parking.

The fact that Shaquille O'Neal chooses to own and drive a smart car speaks volumes about his accomplishments. Despite his wealth and fame, Shaq remains handsome and humble; he frequently communicates with his followers in person and on social media.


His interesting activities with smart cars just show his sense of humor and ability to enjoy life's little pleasures, which attracts him to the public's attention.

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