Watch: Shaquille O’Neal Performs as DJ Diesel Alongside Guardians’ Triston McKenzie in Concert After MLB Game

NBA star Shaquille O’Neal recently performed as a DJ in Cleveland post Blue Jays vs Guardian game.

Published on Jun 24, 2024  |  11:47 PM IST |  55K
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DJ Diesel Post MLB Game

With the NBA season coming to an end, Shaquille O'Neal—better known by his stage name, Diesel—moves from the basketball court to the DJ booth, bringing his contagious enthusiasm to music festivals and events around the nation. 

Shaq is having a very busy summer. He recently performed at Progressive Field in Cleveland after the Blue Jays vs. Guardians game. Shaq has moved from Hip hop, being once a platinum-selling artist to EDM and house music.

Shaq is well known for his love of music, especially the energizing EDM vibes. He frequently performs in a variety of settings, including MLB stadiums, major music festivals, and Encore Beach Club in Las Vegas. 
He took his skills to Cleveland on Saturday night, where the Guardians had recently defeated the Blue Jays 6-3 to improve their record to an outstanding 46-26 for the season.
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Watch DJ Diesel takeover

DJ Diesel was taking over the turntables at Progressive Field, and the atmosphere was electrifying. After the game, the Guardians' victory created the ideal environment for an incredible celebration, and Shaq did not let anyone down. 

The moment Shaq and a number of other Guardians players joined Cleveland pitcher Triston McKenzie on stage, the frenzy only grew. The performance of Kelly Clarkson's iconic song Since U Been Gone, which has remained popular and energetic for almost two decades, was the high point of the evening.


This spontaneous performance demonstrated Shaq's ability to read and interact with the audience. He skillfully blended Since U Been Gone, a timeless hit, into his set, creating a lively yet sentimental break before returning to his characteristic EDM hits. Shaq further won over the local fans by hyping up the Guardians as possible World Series contenders, putting his flair on full display.

Triston McKenzie and DJ Diesel’s partnership 

Triston McKenzie and DJ Diesel's partnership highlighted Shaq's distinct combination of entertainment and sports. His charisma and adaptability allow him to seamlessly transition from an NBA great to a spectacular DJ today. Because of this division, he has managed to be a beloved figure in both athletics and music, constantly evolving while adhering to his original principles.

It's amazing to see Shaq's journey from the basketball floor to the DJ booth. In his early career, he became a platinum-selling hip-hop musician, but as his love for music grew, he came to appreciate the upbeat and social vibe of electronic dance music. This shift demonstrates his versatility and his unwavering quest for novel experiences and interests.
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The impact of Shaq's musical persona

Shaq's ability to captivate and entertain a diverse audience has marked his entry into the EDM industry as DJ Diesel. His performances are characterized by an infectious zeal that connects with the crowd, whether he's playing in a high-energy music festival or a small bar. 
His concerts often serve as a bridge between music enthusiasts and sports fans, creating a unique and friendly atmosphere.

The post-game show in Cleveland was one of the better illustrations of this. By combining sports and music, Shaq provided the fans with an experience they won't soon forget. His versatility and talent as an entertainer are attested to by his ability to hold an audience's attention in any circumstance.
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