Donovan Mitchell's Latest Appearance With Tobey Maguire Leaves Fans Wondering About NBA Star's Connection With Spiderman

Donovan Mitchell had an encounter with actor Tobey Maguire at Michael Rubin’s White Party, but what is NBA star and Hollywood star’s Spiderman connection? Find out below.

Updated on Jul 05, 2024  |  07:31 PM IST |  57.8K
Tobey Maguire (L) and Donovon Mitchell (R)

Donovan Mitchell, also known as "Spida," has intrigued NBA fans with his connection to Spiderman, especially after being spotted with former Spiderman actor Tobey Maguire at Michael Rubin’s Fourth of July White Party.

The Cleveland Cavaliers star’s nickname and association with the Marvel character have sparked curiosity about the deeper connection between Mitchell and Spiderman.

The origins Donovon Mitchell's nickname - ‘Spida’

Donovon Mitchell's "Spida" nickname is not a recent phenomenon. In a 2017 interview with the NBA’s official media team, a young Mitchell shared that his father's friend dubbed him "Spida" due to his quick reflexes and ability to get steals on the basketball court. 

Mitchell explained, “I had long arms, and I was quick to get a lot of steals…I didn’t think it would correlate to where I am now. He never called me by my first name, and to this day, he still doesn’t. He’ll text me, ‘Spida, how ya doing?’ Spiderman was one of my favorites growing up, and it just stuck with me. That’s where it all came from,” 

‘Spida’ Donovon Mitchell’s influence on branding

Mitchell has embraced his Spiderman-inspired nickname, incorporating it into his personal brand and sneaker deals. His partnership with Adidas has produced several versions of the D.O.N Issue #1 and #2 sneakers featuring Spiderman themes. 


Notable designs include the original Marvel red-blue version and the Spidey Sense shoes from the second edition.

Collaboration with Marvel

Mitchell’s association with Spiderman reached a new level in 2019 when he collaborated with Marvel to promote Spiderman: Far From Home. 

In the promotional video, Mitchell and Spiderman, played by Tom Holland, accidentally switch suitcases, leading Mitchell to try on the Spidey suit. The ad humorously concludes with Mysterio, played by Jake Gyllenhaal, complimenting Mitchell on the suit and expressing admiration for his basketball skills.

As Mitchell prepares for the upcoming 2024-25 NBA season, tough challenges await. The Eastern Conference becoming more competitive, particularly with the additions of Paul George and Mikal Bridges to the 76ers and Knicks, respectively. Staying healthy and maintaining peak performance will be crucial for Spida Mitchell’s Cavs as they aim to make a significant impact next season.

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