Matt Brown Claims Conor McGregor Will Never Come Back After Withdrawing from UFC 303 Main Event: Details Inside

UFC legend Matt Brown shares his views on Conor McGregor pulling out of UFC 303 and returning to fight against Michael Chandler. He believes Mystic Mac will never return.

Published on Jun 19, 2024  |  07:58 PM IST |  63.1K
Image Courtesy : Getty Images
Image Courtesy : Getty Images

Former UFC featherweight and lightweight champion Conor McGregor, famously known as "Notorious," was ready to step inside the UFC octagon after a long break of three and a half years.

McGregor was scheduled to lock horns with former Bellator lightweight champion and current number six-ranked UFC fighter Michael Chandler.

Michael Chandler waited almost two years to get a shot to fight Conor McGregor. Finally, at the UFC 300 post-fight press conference, Dana White officially announced the battle between Conor McGregor and Michael Chandler for the UFC 303 pay-per-view.

Unfortunately, Conor McGregor had to pull out of the fight due to an injury he sustained during the training camp for his return fight against Michael Chandler.

UFC CEO Dana White confirmed the rumor last week on Thursday and revealed that Alex Pereira would replace McGregor in the main event to defend his UFC light heavyweight championship against former champion Jiří Procházka.

There is a lot of speculation about Conor McGregor’s career after sustaining another injury, even before he could return to the UFC. Some fans and experts believe McGregor is now officially done with his mixed martial arts career and will not compete in the future.

On the most recent edition of The Fight vs. the Writer podcast, UFC legend Matt Brown made a statement about Conor McGregor’s potential return to the octagon.

Matt Brown expressed, "It didn’t shock me when I saw he was out of this fight. No, I’m still on that same train. He’s not ever coming back. I say the same thing I said before. I hope he proves me wrong. I hope I’m wrong. I would like to see Conor fight again.”


He continued, “I would like to see him do a real training camp with real training partners, push himself hard, and go back to the great Conor that he was before. I would love to see that. I think a lot of people would love to see that. It’s not happening.”

Chael Sennon’s shocking claims about Conor McGregor pulling himself out 

Conor McGregor pulling himself out of the UFC 303 main event against Michael Chandler was a massive shocker to fans and the UFC. McGregor has a reputation for not pulling himself out of any event regardless of any situation in his way.

Ever since the UFC made it official that Conor McGregor won't be participating in the event, there has been a lot of debate among fans on the internet. Some fans have raised the possibility that McGregor withdrew from the event due to undisclosed reasons.

Some fans suggested the negotiation between Conor McGregor and UFC didn’t go according to Mystic Mac’s expectations, and that was the main reason behind Conor McGregor withdrawing his name from sold-out pay-per-view week ahead of the fight.


Dana White recently debunked all the rumors and conspiracy theories regarding Conor McGregor’s last-moment pull-out. White suggested that Mystic Mac had never in his career re-negotiated fights after fights got official.

But now former UFC fighter Chael Sennon expressed his controversial take on Conor McGregor on the recent episode of ESPN’s Good Guy Bad Guy podcast. Bad Guy Sennon expressed that Mystic Mac had not turned down to fight at UFC 303. Due to injury, he is actually out because he is in rehab to treat his addiction issue.

Chael Sennon said, “(Conor) McGregor’s not hurt. I don’t know if we’re making TV here or how much we’re supposed to play along. Conor McGregor is not injured, and it’s a very tough spot when he has people coming out speaking for him who have been filled in, and they’ve all sworn to secrecy.”


“What incredible irony that both sides have these massive interests in alcohol, and one side (Hinting at Conor McGregor) is in the middle of rehab for substance abuse, including alcohol. I’m just saying that’s a tough story to tell. Have this proper drink. I’ll see you in a proper while because I’m in a proper facility right now,” Chael Sennon concluded.

Fans are now sharing mixed reactions to Chael Sennon’s theory behind Conor McGregor's out. 

Recently, a spokesperson for Conor McGregor, Karen Kessler, has also responded to all rumors, including Sennon’s claims, and clarified McGregor withdrew the fight only because he was injured. Now they are aiming to find a new date.

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