NBA Insider Tired of Narrative That Paul George Will Transform Teams, Discusses His Signing with the Philadelphia 76ers

NBA Insider critiques the misconception about Paul George's impact on teams, explores his move to the Philadelphia 76ers. Read more.

Updated on Jul 05, 2024  |  06:30 PM IST |  59.9K
Image Courtesy: Twitter
Image Courtesy: Twitter

On 'First Take,' NBA insider Brian Windhorst expressed skepticism about the narrative that adding Paul George would significantly improve a team's performance. He specifically cited George's recent decision to sign with the Philadelphia 76ers, noting that this marks the fourth time in seven years that George has been the focal point of an offseason transfer.

In a high-stakes move, Paul George has confirmed his 4-year contract with the Philadelphia 76ers, totaling an impressive $212 million. Joining the ranks of Joel Embiid and Tyrese Maxey, the 9-time All-Star player is set to form an imposing trio in Philly.

At 34, George walked away from his $48 million player option with the Los Angeles Clippers to be a part of the 76ers. His statistics from last season with the Clippers reveal an average of 22.6 points, 5.2 rebounds, and 3.5 assists per match, along with a 41% successful attempt rate from the 3-point range.

Brian Windhorst questions Paul George's impact with his move to the 76ers

Brian Windhorst's doubts about Paul George's leverage for the 76ers were expressed in his statement, "Just a remark about Paul George. A significant moment, no doubt the top news this summer. However, this would be the fourth instance in approximately seven years when Paul George becomes the main story of the offseason shift. The first time was his June 30th trade from Indiana to Oklahoma City."


This was followed by, "The subsequent year witnessed one of the most unprecedented and astounding trades in NBA history, where he, along with Kawhi Leonard, switched to the Clippers. And now, it's happening again. This makes it the fourth time he's been a major offseason headline. And what has been the outcome of the previous three?"

Continuing his argument, he stated, "That's my point exactly. I'm not certain. I will accept that the 76ers are indeed a force to reckon with. However, a year to recalibrate might be necessary. I won't place high expectations on them to become champions this year. I guess the argument would be, that Embiid should seize his chance."

He closed off by recollecting George's prior notable transfers - his 2017 move from Indiana to Oklahoma City, his unexpected re-signing with the Thunder in 2018, and his critical role in the trade to the Los Angeles Clippers in 2019 with Kawhi Leonard.


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Stephen A. Smith critiques the Clippers' "colossal" disappointment

Stephen A. Smith certainly didn't hold back his critique on the Clippers' "colossal" letdown. Their formation of a star duo created a surge of excitement, which unfortunately fell short of fueling a championship win. Smith, undeniably, regarded this as a failure.

“It’s obvious it was a failure, no doubt,” Smith stated. “I think the way it ended just punctuated how big a colossal failure it was.”

The Clippers recorded 59 wins against 21 losses in games played jointly by Leonard and George in their first two seasons. Even without a championship or an appearance in the NBA, confidence still thrived that the franchise would eventually prevail if they stayed fit. Regrettably, that scenario never unfolded.

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