‘This Guy Ain’t Fighting’: Fans Wonder if Conor McGregor Will Ever Fight Again as UFC Star Vacations on Yacht

Conor McGregor's lavish yacht vacation raises questions about his UFC future. Is "The Notorious" done fighting? Know all about his next move!

Published on Jul 10, 2024  |  12:10 PM IST |  120.3K
Image Source: GETTY
Image Source: GETTY

As Conor McGregor shares snapshots of his opulent yacht lifestyle, one can't help but wonder about his future in the UFC. Lounging under the sun, enjoying family time, and sipping expensive wines—has the fighter left the fight?

McGregor, once known for his fierce presence in the octagon, now seems more at ease in the lap of luxury. Is this just a well-deserved break, or has the allure of combat faded for good? Can the thrill of the fight compete with the comfort of a yacht?

Conor McGregor's lavish posts

Conor McGregor recently took to Twitter to showcase his lavish lifestyle aboard his luxurious yacht. His posts included a relaxed photo captioned, "Yacht has gym (motorboat and sun emoji)," a heartfelt video with his family with "Thank you team (red heart and Praying emoji)," and an image of a waiter serving him an expensive bottle of red wine. 

These snapshots paint a picture of a life far removed from the gritty octagon.

Yet, amidst this display of leisure, fans recall the fight that wasn't—McGregor vs. Michael Chandler. This bout was highly anticipated, marking McGregor’s return after a lengthy hiatus due to injury.

However, just as the excitement peaked, the fight was cancelled due to McGregor's reported injury, leaving the UFC community and Chandler hanging. The timing of his luxurious posts has sparked conversations about his priorities and his future in fighting.

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Can McGregor balance opulence with octagon dominance?

As Conor McGregor's yacht-centric lifestyle floods social media, the reactions from fans and observers paint a vivid picture of the public's perception. Tristan Tate offers a glimpse of admiration, stating, "What is there to dislike about this guy?" His comment reflects a sentiment that despite everything, McGregor’s charm remains intact.


However, not all feedback echoes this positivity. PulseHQ casts a shadow of doubt with a pragmatic take, "Yea this guy ain’t fighting for a while if not ever again." This sentiment is a stark contrast to Tate's, suggesting that McGregor's current indulgences might be a permanent shift away from his fighting career.


Echoing this sentiment, JayXBT adds, "Hard to come back and fight when living that lavish life." This comment points to the difficulty of returning to the physically demanding world of UFC after getting accustomed to a life of comfort and luxury.



Meanwhile, Da Cake uses humor to underscore a similar point, "It's hard to get up and do roadwork at 5 am to fight Chandler when you've been sleeping in Lamborghini pajamas." This jest highlights the stark difference between his current lifestyle and the rigorous discipline required in MMA training.


Amidst these mixed reactions, Betr's comment captures a sense of frustration, perhaps felt by Chandler himself, "Michael Chandler punching air right now." This vivid imagery suggests Chandler's likely agitation as he watches potential opportunities slip away due to circumstances beyond his control.


These fan responses collectively offer a rounded view of how McGregor's current life choices are perceived against the backdrop of his combat career. Will McGregor regain the competitive edge, or is this the end of the Notorious' UFC career? Only time will tell. What do you think?


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