Were Shawn Michaels and Vince McMahon Lovers? Exploring Truth Behind Viral Rumor

Vince McMahon’s alleged homosexual acts were of late highlighted by former MMA fighter, Chael Sonnen. Check out what the latest rumor about Shawn Michaels is going around and whether it's true..

Published on Jun 25, 2024  |  05:15 PM IST |  450.2K
Vince McMahon (L) and Shawn Michaels (R). Photo: Getty/Instagram

Vince McMahon was left red-faced when a former WWE employee Janel Grant filed a sexual trafficking lawsuit against him. But now there is another allegation laid by a former MMA fighter, Chaen Sonnen, who alleged that McMahon had sexual encounters with female and male wrestlers as well.

Sonnen went on to allege the name of WWE superstar, Shawn Michaels might even have had physical relations with Vince McMahon. Though he didn’t exactly mention that McMahon and Michaels did have physical relations in the past, he did drop a significant hint of something between the two.

This has become a hot topic on the internet now. Everybody is now searching whether Shawn Michaels had some relations with Vince McMahon. 

Were Vince McMahon and Shawn Michales in love with each other?

Not much is known about Vince McMahon and Shawn Michaels' love affair. But wrestling observers have time and again called out Vince’s fascination for Michaels and his getting away with his obnoxious conduct.

Shawn Michaels’ mannerisms often invited wrath from other wrestlers backstage, and he at times also had issues with Vince McMahon but the former WWE Boss never fired him. This led to many wrestling observers feeling that there was indeed brewing something between the two.

There was a conspiracy theory floating in WWE that the duo were lovers and had been getting it on for years. Some wrestlers like Road Warrior Hawk have stated this fact, but it seems very unlikely. 

Sonnen alleged that Vince would go on to hold the careers of those who rejected his advances. “He would hold their careers over him, just like he would the women. It was the same thing. You get paid more, you get pushed more. This is not a secret in the industry. Like, I’m not talking trash. This was very well known. But, I mean, Shawn Michaels, like guys that you would know there was … [when asked if McMahon and Michaels slept together, he replied] or whatever it is that they [were doing],” Wrestling Inc quoted Sonnen.


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What did Shawn Michaels say about Vince McMahon’s sexual trafficking allegations?

When the Janel Grant lawsuit struck Vince McMahon, Shawn Michaels shied away from making any direct comment on McMahon and rather talked about safe working culture at NXT, whose Creative control is in the hands of Shawn Michaels. 

The Heartbreak Kid said that there is a very open culture at NXT, and he understands the seriousness of the situation as young boys and girls come to NXT. But he didn’t make any comment on Vince McMahon. WWE CCO Triple H hasn't yet addressed the sexual trafficking allegations against Vince McMahon as well. 

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