Why Is MLB Wearing Blue Ribbon Today? Find Out

Some MLB fans might be wondering why the MLB players were seen wearing blue ribbons. So, we are here to answer the question.

Published on Jun 17, 2024  |  04:33 PM IST |  70K
NHL Fans wore blue  celebrating Fathers Day [ Credit-X@BlueJays]
NHL Fans wore blue celebrating Fathers Day [ Credit-X@BlueJays]

On the auspicious day of Father’s Day, MLB players were seen donning blue. Major League Baseball players, coaches, managers, and umpires will wear baby blue baseball caps and ribbons on their jerseys for all games played on Sunday, June 16.

This is the 8th season that MLB clubs have worn light blue hats to honor their fathers and father figures in their lives. The practice began in 2016 and will continue each year until 2024 (except for the pandemic-shortened season in 2020). 

Some MLB teams already have blue jerseys

The teams who usually wear powder blue as a trim color stand out here, and you wonder if they might be worn as part of their normal set—clubs like Tampa Bay, Toronto, Kansas City, and Miami. These Father's Day hats would look great with the Cardinals and Rangers' powder blue alternative outfits. But none of this would happen; it's simply too good.

Major League Baseball donates 100% of its revenues from on-field Father's Day socks and hats to MLB Charities, a 501(c)(3) organization. MLB Charities will subsequently send the proceeds to Stand Up To Cancer and the Prostate Cancer Foundation to help their respective goals in the battle against prostate cancer.

What is the Prostate Cancer Foundation?

Since 1996, MLB, its clubs, and players have raised more than $70 million for the Prostate Cancer Foundation, which helps to expedite scientific breakthroughs and save lives.

The Prostate Cancer Foundation focuses on research, prevention, and treatment of prostate cancer. The MLB alliance has helped increase awareness of the condition and finance research for improved preventative and treatment options.


By sponsoring cutting-edge research that has resulted in novel therapies for patients, PCF has helped to lower the global burden of prostate cancer. While prostate cancer may be treated at any stage, early identification is critical to provide patients with the best possible outcomes while maintaining their quality of life. 

99% of people with early-stage prostate cancer survive five years or more following diagnosis. Many of the current therapies for prostate cancer may be linked back to early PCF funding. Because many cancers share biology, therapies for prostate cancer may be beneficial against other cancer types, increasing PCF's impact on a broader range of malignancies.

MLB's support for social concerns is not new. The league has a history of sponsoring philanthropic projects, and the Father's Day campaign demonstrates its commitment to positively impacting society. MLB is utilizing its platform to promote awareness about prostate cancer, encouraging fans to prioritize their health and well-being.


MLB went pink for Mother’s Day

As with Mother's Day, these hats were originally coupled with similarly decorated jerseys, but the league discontinued them after only two seasons. The ribbons that we see affixed to the in-game outfits on Father's and Mother's Day arrived in 2005. Players were seen wearing pink for Mother's Day.

Like Mother's Day, this year's cap design features each team's primary team color as the crown, visor, and button color (all three are the same color regardless of how a team generally uses these pieces). 

Powder blue is added to the team's emblem, with most using the light blue color throughout, with some adding white for details, trim, or drop shadows. The under visor and MLB logo on the rear has also been recolored in the same baby blue color.

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