Quavo and Offset settle beef as they reunite for Takeoff; Here's all about trouble between the rappers

The rappers who were part of the hip-hop group Migos have been in a rumored beef for some time, despite this both the rappers took to the stage of BET awards, to pay tribute to Takeoff

Published on Jun 28, 2023  |  05:59 AM IST |  931.2K
Quavo and Offset (Instagram)
Key Highlight
  • Quavo and Offset reunite to pay mesmerizing tribute to Takeoff
  • The former Migos members have been involved in a beef with each other
  • The brief union gave fans hope for more, but the future is uncertain

Former Migos members, Quavo and Offset made a memorable appearance at The BET Awards, paying tribute to Takeoff and leaving a lasting impact on the hip-hop community. However, despite the significant moment, there isn't hope for an all out Migos reunion. The two rappers may have settled their beef for now, but they don't seem to harbour any intentions of coming back together.

What was Quavo and Offset's beef about?

The beef between the former Migos members was reported to have happened behind the stage of this year's Grammy's awards. The beef was about a tribute performance that was to be performed for the group's late singer, Takeoff. Takeoff was tragically shot and died because of that gun wound in November last year.

The duo of Offset and Quavo were quarelling about the tribute performance for their fallen friend. Apprently, Quavo was closer to Takeoff, and was even the uncle of the late rapper. Offset meanwhile had parted ways with the group some time back.

Quavo supposedly didn't want Offset to perform at the tribute, despite the fact that the organizers of the Grammy awards had called him for it. The duo then apparently got into a physical altercation backstage, which was broken by the organizers.

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Hopes for a reunion between Quavo and Offset?

Despite an emotional and pathbreaking reunion at the BET awards, it is quite unlikely that the duo will get back together. Both the artist's have ventured out on themselves to make very successful careers. This along with the fact that they both want to honor Takeoff, and not bring anyone else to replace him.

Thus, its quite unlikely that the duo will reunite as a group. That may be so, but the reaction recieved by the two performers for their commitment, and the fact that they both put aside their egos to work together for their fallen friend, Takeoff has been greatly appreciated. Everyone present at the BET awards grew emotional through their performance, Offset's wife Cardi B even tweeted that she was proud of them, during their performance.

After such reaction, it's quite possible that the duo may collaborate sometime again or just have some more reunions like this, if only to pay tribute to Takeoff.

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