Who is Mark Cuban's wife, Tiffany Stewart? Exploring her life, career, their relationship timeline and life together

Mark Cuban and Tiffany Stewart met over 20 years ago. The power couple have come quite far from their first meeting in 1997. Know more about Tiffany Stewart below

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Mark Cuban is one of the most renowned business personalities in the world. His business ventures as well as his appearance as the maverick investor on Shark Tank US garnered him immense fame. Not only that, being the owner of the Dallas Mavericks in the NBA has made him a permanent fixture in the pop-culture zeitgeist. 

But often foreshadowed by her husband’s flamboyant persona is his wife Tiffany Stewart, who has been a fixture by his side for over two decades and is a remarkable personality in her own right. Let’s explore Stewart’s life and her decades-long relationship with Mark Cuban.

Who is Tiffany Stewart?

Tiffany Stewart met Mark Cuban all the way back in 1997 at a gym of all places in Dallas. At the time she was working in the advertising industry and had a thriving career as an advertising saleswoman.

The couple dated for over 5 years and finally got married in 2002. Mark Cuban’s proposal though wasn’t anything grand and the billionaire opted for a rather subdued proposal.

“I was like, let's go Whataburger." the billionaire had revealed to a reporter in July 2023 after a Mavericks game.


Tiffany has also previously admitted that she recognizes Cuban’s devotion to his business and knows that she isn’t going to be his first priority when it comes to the business.

“I always know I’m not going to be No. 1” Tiffany had admitted in a 2000 New York Times profile 2 years before their dating.

Mark Cuban ( IMDb)

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Mark Cuban and Tiffany Stewart’s decades-long marriage

Mark Cuban and Tiffany Stewart have been a power couple through and through. Their long-standing relationship at the pinnacle of the business world as well as the way they have raised their three children- Alexis, Allysa, and Jake has been an inspiration for all.

Their relationship through the years has made for a strong foundation to not just their various business ventures but a humble upbringing for their children as well.

Cuban has previously credited Stewart for the way their children have turned out, the way she raised them right through their birth.

"She's the best mom in the world, up all the time," the Shark Tank alum had previously told The Washington Post. "I wouldn't have the temperament, the patience, the willpower to do what she's done."

The couple’s relationship is a testament to maintaining simplicity amongst all the wealth in the world and building an empire on values as much as ambition for the American dream.

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