Why Meghan Markle And Kate Middleton's Relationship Never Heals; Royal Expert Reveals

Meghan Markle and Kate Middleton’s relationship still sour. Expert reveals that it may never heal.

Published on Apr 11, 2024  |  09:13 PM IST |  43.2K
Why Meghan Markle And Kate Middleton's Relationship Remains Strained
Kate Middleton, Prince William, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle (Picture Credits: Getty Images)

Meghan Markle and Kate Middleton probably aren’t really on the best terms after everything that has passed between them. A royal expert recently revealed how everyone wants Prince William, Prince Harry, and their wives back together as a close-knit group.  Royal fans are wondering if there is hope for the dynamic to change after Kate’s cancer diagnosis. Will the two sisters-in-law ever see eye to eye again? Here’s what the royal expert thinks.

Meghan Markle and Kate Middleton’s relationship

Megan Markle and Kate Middleton were often seen and photographed smiling together before the Duke and Duchess of Sussex quit being working royals. Fans loved the friendship between Kate and Meghan in the past. Royal expert Tom Quinn revealed that Meghan expected Kate to have her back in the difficult times she went through. The Duchess of Sussex's expectations came from the fact that Kate was an outsider to the royal world, just like her. "Meghan doesn’t feel guilty about Kate, because she feels that Kate should’ve been the one person in the royal family to back her against every difficulty,” Tom Quinn told the Mirror.

Quinn also explained that Meghan thought Kate would relate to her being an outsider but “she just couldn’t understand why Kate always towed the royal line rather than supporting her, Meghan, the other outsider."



Prince Harry and Meghan’s reaction to Kate’s diagnosis

According to the royal expert, Prince Harry and Meghan offered words of support to Kate after finding out about her cancer diagnosis. He pointed out that this was a sweet gesture, but it wouldn’t mend anything between them. He proceeded to state that the relationship between Meghan and Kate had grown to be “poisonous.” The expert says that the news of Kate’s diagnosis came as a “shock” to Meghan but “she can see no way to patch up the relationship simply because it has become so poisonous."   

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle ( Getty Images )

Quinn then proceeded to explain how their relationship went back to the way it was, Meghan thinks Kate was “in the wrong” and expects her to apologize for it.  "She also doesn’t want people saying that she is trying to make things up with Kate just because Kate is ill,” he continued. 

Harry saddened by the loss of Kate’s friendship

Quinn also spoke about the bond that Prince Harry and his sister-in-law Kate Middleton shared. The expert revealed that the Prince feels torn between his wife and sister-in-law. He also said that Harry was very saddened by the loss of Kate’s friendship. Tom explained how losing Kate’s friendship was Harry’s "second great loss after losing his mother."

A lot has passed between the two since then, the tension in the royal family peaked after Harry released his book Spare which made certain shocking revelations about the royal family. The Duke and the Duchess have been estranged from the family ever since. Harry and Meghan stepped down as working royals in January 2020. The two share two children Archie,4, and Lilibet,2. The Duke and Duchess now live in their home in California. 

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