Song Ha Yoon in Marry My Husband vs Lim Ji Yeon in The Glory: VOTE for ultimate female villain in K-drama

Both Song Ha Yoon and Lim Ji Yeon are two of the most iconic female villains in K-drama but who amongst them stands out the most? Pick below!

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Song Ha Yoon (Image Credits- tvN), Lim Ji Yeon (Image Credits- Netflix)
Song Ha Yoon (Image Credits- tvN), Lim Ji Yeon (Image Credits- Netflix)

Both Song Ha Yoon in Marry My Husband and Lim Ji Yeon in The Glory have left an indelible mark as iconic female villains in K-drama history. Their portrayals of compelling and spine-chilling characters have solidified their names in the annals of K-drama lore, earning them recognition as some of the most memorable antagonists to grace the screen.

Song Ha Yoon in Marry My Husband and Lim Ji Yeon in The Glory

The Glory depicts the story of Moon Dong Eun, a former victim of severe school violence, who seeks revenge against her bullies after becoming the homeroom teacher of her bully's child. In this gripping drama, Song Hye Kyo portrays the strong protagonist Moon Dong Eun, while Lim Ji Yeon takes on the role of her primary tormentor, Park Yeon Jin. Park Yeon Jin emerges as the epitome of cruelty, driven by a lust for power and wealth. Her character evolves into a heartless villain, showing no remorse for her past actions even in the face of her victims. 

Lim Ji Yeon's portrayal of this multi-dimensional antagonist captivates viewers, eliciting both fascination and disdain. The complexity of Park Yeon Jin's character may have piqued viewers' curiosity, with Lim Ji Yeon herself mentioning she wanted her viewers to strongly hate Yeon Jin.


Adapted from the popular web novel of the same name, Marry My Husband unfolds the revenge saga of Kang Ji Won (portrayed by Park Min Young), a terminally ill woman who witnesses her best friend Jung Soo Min (played by Song Ha Yoon) engaging in an affair with her husband, Park Min Hwan (portrayed by Lee Yi Kyung), ultimately leading to her death at the hands of her spouse. However, Ji Won gets a second chance at life when she is transported back 10 years into the past, and she embarks on a journey of vengeance alongside her boss, Yoo Ji Hyeok (portrayed by Na In Woo).

The spotlight shines brightly on Song Ha Yoon's character, Soo Min, eclipsing even the female lead, Kang Ji Won, in terms of acting prowess. Soo Min's calculated and immoral nature starkly contrasts with Ji Won's character, reflecting the disparity between the two childhood friends. Song Ha Yoon's portrayal of Soo Min is so convincing that viewers are drawn to hate the character, a testament to the actress' skill in embodying a complex and villainous role. Each week, viewers eagerly anticipated Soo Min's devious schemes, sparking widespread discussions and praise for the compelling portrayal of her negative character traits.

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