Marry My Husband Ep 15-16 Review: Park Min Young, Na In Woo's joyful marriage wraps up revenge tale on a happy note

The final episodes 15 and 16 of Marry My Husband, featuring Park Min Young, Na In Woo, Lee Yi Kyung, and Song Ha Yoon, have been released. Let's review the recent developments in the series.

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Marry My Husband (Image Credits- tvN)
Marry My Husband (Image Credits- tvN)

Name: Marry My Husband (내 남편과 결혼해줘 in Korean)

Premiere date: January 1st 2024

Cast: Park Min Young, Na In Woo, Lee Yi Kyung, Song Ha Yoon

Director: Park Won Guk, Han Jin Seon

Writer: Shin Yoo Dam (Webtoon writer: Sung So Jak)

Number of episodes: 16

Genre: Fantasy, romantic-comedy

Language: Korean

Where to watch: Prime Video, tvN 

Marry My Husband Plot

Adapted from Sung So Jak's web novel, Marry My Husband unfolds the tale of Kang Ji Won (Park Min Young). Dealing with a terminal illness, she uncovers her best friend Jung Soo Min (Song Ha Yoon) having an affair with her husband, Park Min Hwan (Lee Yi Kyung). Tragically, Kang Ji Won falls victim to a murder orchestrated by Park Min Hwan. However, fate takes an unexpected twist as she is transported back ten years into the past. In this alternate timeline, she teams up with Yoo Ji Hyeok (Na In Woo), the head of a department in the same company, to seek revenge for the betrayal and injustice she endured.


Quick recap of episodes 15 and 16 of Marry My Husband

In Episode 15 of Marry My Husband, the plot unfolds dramatically as Yoo Ji Hyuk rescues Kang Ji Won from Park Min Hwan's clutches. With Ji Won hospitalized and both Ji Hyuk and Min Hwan ending up in the police station, tensions rise. After securing bail, Ji Hyuk devises a plan to oust Min Hwan from the company and ruin him further for all the bad things he has done. Meanwhile, a desperate Min Hwan attempts to steal money from Soo Min.

He later receives a notice from U&K regarding a financial incentive if his spouse dies. Ji Hyuk, on the other hand, feigning alliance with Soo Min, orchestrates events to expose Min Hwan's infidelity to her. Soo Min discovers Min Hwan with Yura, overhearing their plan about killing her because of the insurance. In a chilling turn of events, Min Hwan, with Yura's assistance, kidnaps Soo Min, leading to a deadly confrontation where Soo Min ultimately takes action to save herself and kills Min Hwan. Fleeing from the authorities, Soo Min becomes a fugitive, while Ji Won finds closure at Min Hwan's funeral.

In the finale episode, we witness Yura's downfall as she is called in for investigation and later arrested for the attempted murder of Kang Ji Won's mom and Soo Min's dad, who are revealed to be alive. Meanwhile, Joo Ran's surgery is successful, and she recovers well. Hee Yeon confesses her feelings to Eun Ho, and later they, along with Joo Ran, Lee Seok Joon, and of course Ji Won and Ji Hyuk, meet up to celebrate various happy occasions, including Joo Ran's recovery.

Following the party, Soo Min enters Ji Won's house and attacks her, leading to a verbal showdown. She attempts to set Ji Won's house on fire, but Ji Won had anticipated her actions and installed CCTV cameras, providing evidence of Soo Min's crimes. Consequently, Soo Min is arrested for killing Min Hwan and attempting arson.

Later, the heart tattoo on Ji Hyuk disappears, signaling a transfer of fate as they learn of Yura's passing in a car accident. Joo Ran wins her divorce case and celebrates with Hee Yeon and Ji Won at Eun Ho's new restaurant. In a heartwarming moment later, Ji Won proposes to Ji Hyuk at the place where they first met, and they later marry and start a family, bringing everyone to a happy ending.


Review of episodes 15 and 16 of Marry My Husband

Marry My Husband delivers a gripping finale with Episode 15, showcasing the show's earlier strengths such as quick pacing, heightened tension, and melodrama. Watching Ji Won and Ji Hyuk manipulate the situation while seeing Min Hwan and Soo Min fall into their trap is delightful. The resolution is swift and satisfying, with the downfall of the villainous couple being particularly enjoyable to witness. Episode 15 mainly focuses on the fallout from Min Hwan's actions, with all of his mistakes finally catching up to him. His death, mirroring Ji Won's, brings a sense of justice to his narrative.

Yura's role remains secondary, which works well in this context, as her character trope is effectively utilized compared to previous episodes. As Ji Won and Ji Hyuk's romance continues to blossom, the fun of seeing the villains meet their end makes the wait worthwhile.

In Episode 16 of Marry My Husband, we witness a fitting epilogue following the intense plot developments of Episode 15. One remarkable aspect of the show is how nearly every scene echoes Ji Won's past, highlighting the interconnectedness of the narrative and leading to a satisfying conclusion. Episode 16 ties up all loose ends and provides a well-written ending to the series. Throughout its run, Marry My Husband has been an exhilarating rollercoaster of a drama, filled with thrills and excitement at every turn. This final episode brings closure to most of the show's storylines, allowing Ji Won and Ji Hyuk to finally achieve their happy ending. The glimpse into their future makes all their struggles seem worthwhile, and the disappearance of the heart tattoo symbolizes the end of their hardships.

Yura's character unfortunately lacks the development needed to evoke empathy from viewers. However, her actions eventually catch up with her, primarily due to her pride and disregard for consequences. Ultimately, her decisions lead to a reversal of fate with Ji Hyuk's previous life. The series concludes by offering happy endings for the remaining characters. Ji Won and Ji Hyuk's wedding day arrives, and they celebrate with a splendid ceremony surrounded by family and friends. Ji Won establishes a foundation called Second Chance, dedicated to helping those seeking redemption for past regrets.

Years pass, and Ji Won and Ji Hyuk navigate the joys and challenges of parenthood with their twins. As their family grows, they continue to embody their motto of supporting each other by being each other’s land. The finale of Marry My Husband delivered everything viewers could have hoped for, bringing a beautiful sense of peace and fulfillment. For fans of the Webtoon, it provided the satisfying conclusion they had longed for beyond the chapters of the original story.


Although there were some changes in the drama that introduced new forms of excitement and led to a few complaints, the payoff was undeniable in the clarity with which the finale wrapped up all loose ends. Overall, the journey was truly worth it, culminating in a deeply satisfying conclusion.

Acting Performances in episodes 15 and 16

Every member of the cast deserves praise for their outstanding performances in Marry My Husband, making it one of the most perfectly executed endings in K-drama history. The one-on-one scenes between Park Min Young and Song Ha Yoon were particularly noteworthy highlights of the series.

Park Min Young's portrayal of Kang Ji Won was truly commendable. Her character's growth from being betrayed by her husband and best friend to ultimately finding happiness was portrayed with finesse. Min Young effectively depicted Ji Won's transformation from a shy and timid individual to a strong and assertive woman. Her portrayal of the two distinct facets of Ji Won's personality was executed brilliantly, showcasing her versatility as an actress. As the protagonist, Min Young delivered a powerful performance that truly captivated audiences well.

Na In Woo's portrayal of Yoo Ji Hyuk in Marry My Husband embodies the ideal partner - caring, supportive, and not overbearing. In Woo skillfully conveys heartwarming emotions through his portrayal, making viewers empathize with his character's love and concern for Ji Won. Despite initial doubts about his casting, In Woo has proven himself to be the perfect fit for the role, earning praise from both viewers and co-stars. His portrayal of Ji Hyuk as a positive and supportive character has earned him the nickname "green forest," reflecting his ability to bring warmth and positivity to the screen. Even Park Min Young, who plays Ji Won too, has commended In Woo's acting finesse in interviews.

Lee Yi Kyung's portrayal of Min Hwan was truly commendable. Transitioning from his previous roles as a comedic actor to portraying a villain was no easy feat, but Yi Kyung pulled it off with perfection. Despite his off-camera humor, Yi Kyung managed to evoke a sense of detest whenever Min Hwan appeared on screen, showcasing his versatility as an actor. Yi Kyung's portrayal of Min Hwan as both foolish and intimidating garnered him instant fans, as he brought depth and authenticity to the role.


But Song Ha Yoon's portrayal of Jung Soo Min deserves the highest praise. She brought the villainous character to life with such conviction that fans couldn't help but despise her character and eagerly anticipate her downfall. Ha Yoon's portrayal of Soo Min sent shivers down viewers' spines, as she portrayed the craziness of the character with such authenticity that it felt eerily real. Ha Yoon's portrayal of Soo Min was commendable, particularly in scenes where she displayed her character's menacing presence, such as when she dragged the main lead underwater. Despite rooting for Ji Won's triumph, viewers were equally invested in Soo Min's downfall, proof to Ha Yoon's exceptional portrayal of the character. 

Other supporting actors such as Gong Min Jeung, Choi Gyu Ri, and Lee Gi Kwang really brought their characters to life, adding layers to the plot with their subplots. Choi Gyu Ri and Lee Gi Kwang became beloved by fans for their charm and endearing qualities, but every actor truly excelled, contributing to the success of the series!

Overall Review of Marry My Husband

Being adapted from a beloved Webtoon, there were major doubts about whether Marry My Husband could capture the essence of the original as effectively. However, throughout its run, Marry My Husband has consistently engaged viewers with its charming storyline. While some plots may have been cliché, the exceptional acting of the cast, the sweet romance, the detestable villains, and the overall plot contributed significantly to the series' success. Every week was eagerly anticipated, as the episodes consistently delivered thrills. Marry My Husband stands out as one of the best K-dramas of 2024, exceeding all expectations and earning its place as a must-watch!

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